Board Policies

District policies are created by the Board of Education to provide guidance and direction on school matters. Many policies are required by law or developed as local policies by the Board. A Policy Review Committee reviews policies periodically to ensure they are current. The Board then adopts the final policies at official Board meetings.

Please contact District Clerk Joseph Karas at or 518-335-9220 ext. 4002 with any questions.

Section 0000 (Adopted January 11, 2021)

Section 1000 (Adopted January 25, 2021)

Section 2000 (Adopted March 9, 2021)

Section 3000 (Adopted July 12, 2021)

Section 4000 (Adopted July 12, 2021)

Section 5000: Noninstructional/ Business Operations

Section 6000: Personnel

Section 7000: Students

Section 8000: Instruction