Students Raise Money for Animal Shelter

Group photo of students

Schalmont could not be prouder of the ELA Girls (Emily Male, Luciana Camelo and Anna Catalano) who shared their love of animals by raising money for the Animal Protective Foundation in Glenville!

During a recent trip for Storytime at the Shelter, where students read to pets to help animals feel more comfortable around people, Emily, Luciana and Anna brought a $100 donation for the shelter.

The three Schalmont friends, who call themselves the ELA Girls, worked hard over the past few months making rainbow loom bracelets and selling them to family and friends to raise money for the shelter.

“The girls set a goal to raise $50 and they doubled that goal with their determination,” said Teacher Ms. Pink. “The ELA Girls excitedly presented their donation to the APF and asked about future opportunities to help and volunteer.”

Awesome job, Emily, Luciana and Anna!