Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament at MS

Congratulations to Greyson Karl who recently won Schalmont Middle School’s Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament! Dozens of members of the school’s Sabre Nation participated in the friendly competition that focused on team building, student engagement, decision making and patience! Congratulations also to Alexa Carney, Bella Santabarbara, Brenden Majkut and Gabe Woodrow, who were recognized for demonstrative …

7th Graders Hold Debates

Schalmont 7th graders sharpened their debating skills last week as Ms. Harvey’s ELA classes held classroom debates about school dress codes. Students prepared for the debates by studying the 1969 Supreme Court case Tinker v. Des Moines, a landmark case dealing with free speech in schools. For many of the students, it was their first …

Future Cities Team Wins Two Awards

Congratulations to Schalmont Middle School’s Engineering Club who won two awards at Saturday’s Future Cities Regional Competition! Their city, Trumonopolis, won Best Transportation Planning and Best Public Transportation System at the competition. Future City is a competition that challenges students to use their creative and innovative imaginations to design a city of the future. Students …

Riley Benkoski Is Spelling Bee Champion

Congratulations to Schalmont 6th grader Riley Benkoski who won this year’s Middle School Spelling Bee! Riley will represent Schalmont at the Regional Spelling Bee in March. Congratulations to Riley and all our spellers who did such a great job in our Spelling Bee!

Students Make Holiday Cookies Together

Schalmont High School culinary students worked with 5th graders last week to teach them how to make holiday cookies! Working side-by-side in the Family and Consumer Sciences kitchen, culinary students taught younger students how to measure precisely, combine ingredients, and work safely with food. Great job working together! More photos

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