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Do you have questions on the Budget?

If you have questions on the budget you can email budget@schalmont.net.

Budget Hearing June 1st – 7:00 pm

Public Comment Form  

Below is a form for residents to submit budget-related comments for the 2020-2021 Schalmont Central School District budget. Comments submitted through this form by 4:00 pm on June 1st will be addressed by the Board of Education during the public comment section of the Board meeting at 7:00 PM.


In light of the ongoing health crisis, Governor Cuomo provided direction to all NYS school districts on Friday, May 1, 2020, on how we are to conduct this year’s Budget Vote and Board of Education Election.

The procedures we must follow this year are very different from prior years. There will be no in-person voting. The Governor has directed schools to mail absentee ballots to every qualified voter. We hope the following information will help our community understand how to participate in this important process.


Q: What is the date of this year’s vote/election?

A: June 9, 2020, is the new statewide uniform voting day, commonly known as the date of the budget vote and Board of Education election. As you will see below, however, it is best not to think of this vote happening on a single day.

Q: How do we vote?

A: The Governor’s Executive Order 202.26 requires that absentee ballots be mailed to all qualified voters by the school district. The District will mail absentee ballots (with a postage-paid return envelope) to qualified voters. 

Q: When should I expect to receive my ballot?

A: We are currently working to determine the quickest way to print and prepare the necessary packets for qualified voters in our community. We hope to put ballots in the mail by the end of the week of May 18.

Q: When should I mail my ballot back to the District?

A: We encourage voters to put their completed ballots back in the mail as quickly as possible. The Governor’s order states that ballots must be received by the School District Clerk no later than 5:00 PM on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Ballots received after that date and time, regardless of when they were mailed, cannot be counted.

Q: What if I am a qualified voter and I don’t receive a ballot? What if we need additional ballots?

A: If you have not received a ballot in the mail by the end of May, or you need additional ballots for qualified voters in your household, please email our District Clerk at: jkaras@schalmont.net


Q: How do I vote for candidates for the Board of Education?

A: This year there are three seats up for election on the Board of Education. All candidates for these seats will be listed on the ballots mailed home in alphabetical order. Voters may choose up to three candidates.


Q: If I’m not yet a qualified voter, can I still register for this year’s vote?

A: For health and safety reasons, the Governor’s order directs schools not to allow in-person registration while schools are closed. Qualified voters can, however, send their name and address to Jkaras@schalmont.net to get on the list and obtain a ballot.

Q: What is a “qualified” voter?

A: A qualified voter must be a US Citizen, at least 18 years old by June 9, 2020, and a School District resident for 30 days immediately preceding the vote. A qualified voter cannot have an outstanding felony.

Q: How do I find out about the specific budget recommendations and adoption?

A: There are upcoming Board of Education meetings on May 11, and May 18th. This will be a Virtual Meeting, at 7:00 p.m  The Board of Education will adopt the 2020-21 Budget. The Board of Education Official Budget Hearing will be held on June 1, 2020. Meeting details and call-in numbers will be posted on the Schalmont website. Questions and/or comments can be sent to the email link anytime. For a complete budget development timeline click here


May 3, 2020- Budget Update 

The budget season for 2020-21, much like many things in our world, has been affected by the school closures around the state. In a typical year, the Board of Education would have adopted a budget by this date, however, due to NYS School openings being on pause, this year will not be typical and there are going to be significant changes to the process.

In an effort to keep New Yorkers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued an executive order delaying school board elections and budget votes statewide until June 9, 2020. The school board elections and budget votes will all be conducted by mail and all qualified voters will be sent an absentee ballot with return postage paid. 

We also know that the preliminary figures and calculations prepared in our pre- COVID-19 budget planning are no longer going to work. There are many things we just don’t know yet about formulating a budget for next year, however, we feel it is important to keep you informed along the way. We appreciate your patience as we navigate through this year’s budget development process and changes to that process. 

Please stay connected to our website for future updates as we learn information.

2020-2021 Proposed Budget

More information on the proposed 2020-21 Budget Schedule can be found here: 2020-2021 Budget Calendar. 

For a view of the total 2020-21 Budget Presentation to the Board of Education click here to view: 2020-21 Budget Presentation

A final budget recommendation will be made to the Board of Education at the May 18, 2020 board meeting.

Click here to view the May 5, 2020 Budget Presentation.

2019-20 Budget at a Glance

Adopted Budget: $49,250,397

Tax levy increase from the previous year:  $581,898, or 2%, which is below the tax levy limit of 2.74% that is calculated for 2019-20 through a prescribed state formula.

18-19 Budget at a Glance

Adopted Budget: $48,636,823

Tax levy increase from the previous year: 2.6%

Included two referenda that have NO COST to taxpayers:

  • Voter-approved change to the transportation facility project from repairing the old facility to constructing a new one. The district is able to do this by using the $3.4 million already approved by voters in 2016 and dedicating $840,000 to the project at its outset. The remaining cost will be funded through state aid.
  • A voter-approved referendum to establish a capital reserve fund to defray the cost of the project in future years. This will help when we have another building condition survey completed on our facilities in 2020.

2018-19 Budget Documents