Clubs and Activities

Extracurricular activities are a great way for students to meet new friends, learn new things or give something back to their community. If you have a question, please contact your Guidance Counselor or Club Advisor.

Art Club

Advisor Ms. Stockbridge

Art Club is for students in grades 6-8 and features specialized studio projects that give students the opportunity to work creatively beyond what is offered in the regular classroom. Areas of interest include plaster and clay sculpture, origami and other paper constructions, painting and drawing, 2D and 3D paper constructions and so much more. Specific dates and activities will be announced and advanced sign-up is required.

Bowling Intramurals

Advisors Mr. Borkowski and Ms. Muzio and

Students in grades 6-8 can participate in Bowling Intramurals at Sportsman’s Bowl every Thursday afternoon from November to March. No equipment is needed. Information provided during PE classes in October.

Chef’s Club

Advisor Mrs. Hanson

Chef’s Club is open to all 7th and 8th grade students who enjoy opportunities to build their cooking skills. Students experience new ideas in cooking and baking, the basics of culinary business, and food and kitchen safety. Club meets in Room 115 once a week starting in January.

Coding Club

Advisor Ms. Rea

Students in grades 6-8 who have an interest in programming can learn about the basics of coding in order to compete in club competitions. Students also get the opportunity to experience pair programming while working on projects for coding competitions. Students learn how to code apps for mobile devices, make animated videos, and create games. The Club meets every Thursday in Room 103.

Craft Club

Advisor Ms. Gandrow

Craft Club is open to students in grades 6-8 and meets once a month to make a different craft project each time. Students must sign up in advance to participate.

Drama Club

Advisor Mrs. Quick and Ms. McCloskey and

Students in grades 6-8 are invited to join the Drama Club for theater and acting games, skits, and opportunities to watch High School Drama Club rehearsals and previews. The club meets once or twice a month.

Engineering Club

Advisor Mrs. Pedinotti

Engineering Club is a club for grades 6-8 that focuses on Future Cities, a project-based competition where teams are given a theme and must design a city 100 years in the future that addresses that theme. Students consider the various aspects of planning and developing a city to successfully complete various deliverables. Students  set teamwork goals and create a project plan, write an essay, build a virtual city, build a model of their city, and present their model/city concept on competition day.

Environmental Club

Advisors Ms. Stockbridge and Mr. Bradt and

This student-run group is for grades 6 to 8 and meets one to two times per month. Members are dedicated to finding ways to preserve our natural resources and to make others aware of the need to recycle and reuse. Previous club activities included adopting a whale, the Middle School recycling program, building bluebird houses, recycling ink cartridges, making informational posters, planting a bird and butterfly garden, and making pads out of used paper.

Golf Intramurals

Advisors Mrs. Macken and Ms. Muzio and

Golf Intramurals is for students in grades 6-8 and begins in March when students visit the Golden Bear Indoor Driving Range once a week. In April, students begin playing outside at the Stadium and Briar Creek Golf Courses one to two times per week. Participating students must be able to golf and bring their own clubs and golf balls. Parents must pick up their child between 5:00 and 5:15 p.m. at the golf course. (Grades 6-8)

Jazz Band

Advisor Mr. Spracher

Jazz Band is open to any student in 7th or 8th grade band, 6th grade band members with appropriate playing abilities, and 6th to 8th grade students who take private lessons outside of school. In addition to jazz music, Jazz Band offers opportunities to explore other music genres including pop and rock.


Advisor Mr. Bradt

Makerspace is gor grades 6-8 and offers students an opportunity to exercise their creativity, build their problem solving skills, and make things. Learn to be an engineer in Makerspace! Takes place Mondays afterschool in the library.

Modified Sports

Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics Mrs. Russell

Students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to try out for Modified Sports. Students must have a physical exam and proper paperwork to participate. Sports included are baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, soccer, softball, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. (Grades 7, 8)

National Junior Honor Society

Advisor Ms. Sinnott

National Junior Honor Society is for students in grade 7 or 8 who are selected by a faculty council to become members. To be eligible, students must have a minimum GPA of 90.0 and demonstrate outstanding performance in the five pillars of scholarship, citizenship, character, leadership, and service. Interested students should keep track of their grades, clubs, activities, and community service, starting in 6th grade!.

Sabre Nation

Advisor Mrs. Romano

Sabre Nation helps students in grades 6-8 develop leadership qualities through experiences in community service. Students have the chance to make a personal contribution to their school, community, and peers. The goal of the club is to build a better world for students and others. Some previous activities include adopting a family, helping at the food pantry, collecting “coats for kids,” School Clean-Up Day, volunteering for various elementary school activities, and participating in nursing home visits. The Sabre Service Club meets about once a month. Members also sign up for various service activities throughout the school year.

Sabre Squad (Pep Band)

Advisor Mrs. Quick

Sabre Squad is a pep band club for students who play an instrument in 7th or 8th grade band or any student with an interest. Students enjoy an opportunity to have fun in a musical group with Middle and High School students.

Spelling Bee

Open to all students in grades 5-8. Sign-ups occur in November with the Spelling Bee taking place in December. (Grades 5-8)

Student Council

Advisors Mrs. Macken and Mrs. Pierson and

Student Council members are elected by Middle School students to promote and plan school activities, represent the interests of the students to the faculty and administration, and perform a leadership role in the school. The Student Council Officers are all 8th graders elected by the entire student body. Student Council Representatives are elected from and represent each social studies class. Representatives attend all meetings, collect ideas for council meetings, propose and discuss motions before the Student Council, report back to their constituents, and undertake an annual fund drive to raise money for the Middle School clubs and activities. (Grade 8)

Ukulele Jam Session

Advisor Ms. Cipperly

Ukulele Jam Session is for students in grades 6-8 who enjoyed playing ukulele in Grade 6 Music Class.

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