Senior Parking Information

Families of seniors who would like to drive to school and park on campus are asked to please fill out this online form.

(Juniors will have an opportunity to register for parking after the start of the school year.)

Parking stickers will be distributed at the High School Thursday, August 31 from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. The form must be completed before coming in.

Regulations Regarding Student Use of Vehicles

Registration of Vehicles

  • Only juniors and seniors are eligible to drive and park on campus.
  • Students are required to complete the registration form above.
  • Only vehicles registered with the state and belonging to the student or a family member may be registered at the High School.
  • Students must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Upon completion of the registration process, a parking sticker will be issued.
  • The sticker must be attached on the back of the rear view mirror of the registered vehicle.
  • The number on the sticker is the assigned parking space number in the Student Parking Lot.

Operation of Vehicles

  • All students are expected to be in school on time.
  • The student driver will be held responsible for any passenger(s) they may choose to allow in their vehicle.
  • Vehicles must be operated in a manner that adheres to all the rules and regulations of proper and safe driving as defined by the NYS traffic laws at all times.
  • The speed limit on school property is 15 mph.
  • Vehicles parked in the student area may not be moved during the school day without administrative permission.
  • Students may not return to vehicles at any time during the school day without administrative permission.
  • Using a vehicle as a place to eat, smoke or drink is prohibited at any time.
  • Only seniors are eligible to drive to CTE classes with proper authorization from Capital Region BOCES and Schalmont.
  • Students with permission to drive to CTE classes are not allowed to have passengers or transport other students to their program. This may result in a loss of driving privileges to CTE programs and to Schalmont.

Disciplinary Action

Students may lose their driving privileges if:

  • There is a pattern of unauthorized tardiness, unauthorized absence and/or multiple discipline referrals.
  • Students park in areas other than the Student Parking Lot or not in their assigned spot.
  • Students violate the traffic regulations on campus (e.g. drive over the speed limit, drive aggressively, drive without proper safety).

If you have any questions, please see the Main Office. Thank you.