Pede Brothers Helps Schalmont

Three women pose for photo in front of grocery shelves

Schalmont would like to sincerely thank local company Pede Brothers who saved the day when one of our kitchen freezers stopped working the day before school started.

On September 6, as our Food Services staff was getting ready for students to arrive at school the next day, the kitchen freezer at Jefferson Elementary unexpectedly stopped working. Some food was moved to freezers in our other kitchens but there was limited room as they were full in preparation for the new school year.

With no rental options available and time of the essence, Facilities Director John O’Donnell cold called Pede Brothers to ask if they could help and the company quickly offered to store the food in their freezers at no cost until the compressor for the Jefferson Elementary freezer was repaired.

“We can’t thank you enough,” Food Services Director Maria Zarrillo told AnnMarie Pede at their store. “You made a lot of students happy by helping us.”