Jefferson Elementary Excited for Ducklings

Students hold ducklings

There has been plenty of excitement at Jefferson Elementary the past couple weeks as Mr. Lybrand’s class participated in a science lesson involving the life cycle of ducklings.

For 28 days, students learned about incubation, humidity and temperature levels, candling, and hatching. Students were able to place water with a syringe into the automatic rotating incubator to increase humidity levels. Along the way, students learned about candling where they could witness the embryo develop. They drew and colored what they saw as they tracked the growing process every five days until hatching. Students had a small ceremony at the end where each student chose names for the ducklings and made birth certificates.

Other classes also joined in the excitement as they were able to visit and pet the ducklings. “It was very special for me to see my own students excited with administrators, teachers and students funneling in and out of our classroom. They felt famous,” said Mr. Lybrand.

Mr. Lybrand noted how the school community came together to help, including Ms. Brown and Ms. Moraski who helped to hatch a duckling while the class was on a field trip.

“This was definitely a group effort, and I am simply amazed with the staff at Jefferson Elementary. What started out as a small idea, turned into a community experience,” said Mr. Lybrand. ““I cannot thank [Facilities Director] Mr. O’Donnell and our amazing custodial staff enough for all of their support. They were able to help our ducklings after school hours, making sure they were safe and taken care of. Without their assistance this wouldn’t have been possible. Finally, a very special thank you to the Preissler family who gave us the eggs and all the materials we needed for this project. The ducklings will be moving to their new home with the Preissler family,” said Mr. Lybrand.

Students hold ducklings