Creative Writing Reads Stories They Wrote

Students reads to other students on floor

Schalmont’s Creative Writing class spent Wednesday reading to Jefferson Elementary students the children’s books they wrote, and Schalmont Art classes illustrated, as part of a collaborative book project.

Students in Mrs. Mattice’s class spent months writing “Touch the Moon,” “Always Anxious Abby” and other stories before handing them to Mrs. Mulkerrin’s Drawing & Painting II/III class. Art students brainstormed book cover ideas to support the stories and then illustrated them in a lesson that simulated real world publishing.

Creative Writing students celebrated their completed books Wednesday by sharing them with Jefferson Elementary classes, who were in awe of the books as well as the juniors and seniors. High School students also enjoyed the visit as they excitedly reconnected with teachers they had years ago.

Mrs. Mattice noted how seriously students prepared for the visit, rehearsing questions about their books that they could ask younger students.

Absolutely amazing job, students, of working together and inspiring our youngest learners! #schalmontpride

If you would like to look at the students’ books, they are available on this electronic bookshelf.

Student reads to students