Author & Illustrator Visits Jefferson

Students sit on floor smiling

Jefferson Elementary enjoyed a visit from author Matt McElligott Friday who spent the day sharing stories, creating drawings with the help of students, and signing books.

Mr. McElligott spoke to classes about how he became an author and illustrator and asked for their help for ideas for a monster, which he drew based on their suggestions.

“What shape should the monster’s eyes be?” asked Mr. McElligott.

“Circles,” said one student.

“What about the monster’s ears?” asked Mr. McElligott.

“A trapezoid,” said another student.

“A trapezoid?” Mr. McElligott responded with a laugh. “You’re not making this easy for me. And let’s give our monster yellow teeth. Because monsters never brush their teeth.”

“Ewwww,” responded students with giggles.

Thank you Mr. McElligott for spending time with our students and thank you to the PTO for organizing his visit to Jefferson Elementary!

Students listen on floor to speaker