2024-2025 School Budget Adopted

School budget graphic

The Board of Education adopted the 2024-2025 budget April 8 that requires no tax levy increase for the 4th year in a row while building on opportunities and support for our students.

All academic programs – including art, music and secondary electives – are fully funded along with support for students, athletics and extracurricular activities. There are no cuts to staffing in the budget.

“We are excited to continue to grow opportunities for our students without raising the tax levy for a 4th straight year,” said Superintendent Dr. Thomas Reardon. “We are careful to invest in what we need, great programs for our students and equitable pay for our employees. We truly are Schalmont proud!”

The community budget vote will take place Tuesday, May 21 from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the High School gym lobby.

The budget adds IT staff to better support our students and faculty, funds a consistent athletic trainer for all home games, and continues professional development focused on literacy.

A 7th section of kindergarten is also funded, which may be needed based on student registration. We’ve added teachers at Jefferson and Schalmont Middle School in recent years to maintain reasonable class sizes as our enrollment grows.

The $57,880,777 budget increases spending by about 2.1% over this year.

Bus Purchases Proposition Part of Long-Term Plan

As part of Schalmont’s long-term bus replacement plan, a proposition on the May 21 ballot would allow the district to purchase three 66-passenger school buses and two 35-passenger mini school buses.

The total cost would not exceed $685,000. Schalmont pays about one-third of the cost because New York State reimburses the district for approximately 65% on bus purchases.

Schalmont purchases school buses each year as part of a long-term plan to keep the district’s fleet in safe, working order. New buses replace old buses based on the vehicle’s mileage, age, repair history and condition.

Capital Reserve Fund Proposition

A proposition on the May 21 ballot would create a Capital Reserve Fund to help reduce the amount of borrowing needed for a future Capital Project.

Why create a Capital Reserve Fund?

A Capital Reserve Fund allows Schalmont to set aside savings at the end of a school year to help pay for future facility improvements.

How much money can be set aside?

The district can put up to $30 million in the Capital Reserve Fund over the next 10 years.

Where does money for the Capital Reserve Fund come from?

Funding primarily comes from fund balance. Schalmont’s proposed budget is an estimate of costs for the upcoming year. When costs are less than projected, or revenues are higher, some of those savings can be placed in the Capital Reserve Fund.

How will the community know how funding is used?

Schalmont needs voter approval to use money from the Capital Reserve Fund, like two years ago when voters approved a Capital Project to improve campus traffic and add A/C to classrooms. That project was completed this spring.

What are Schalmont’s plans for the Capital Reserve Fund?

Schalmont does not yet have plans for another Capital Project but Jefferson Elementary likely would be a focus for future facility improvements. As our enrollment continues to grow, Jefferson is getting closer to capacity; additional learning space may be needed if we continue to add sections to maintain reasonable class sizes.