Update on Report Card Access

As part of our continued efforts to provide information and updates during the suspension of in-school instruction, we would like to bring your attention to the following; 

Report cards for Middle School and High School students will be made available on April 10th. The second-trimester report cards for students in grades K-4 will also be made available to parents on April 10, 2020.  You may access the report cards by logging into the eSchool Parent Portal. Simply log in with your eSchool Parent Portal ID and Password and you can view the documents. 

If you have not already established an account with the eSchool Parent Portal you may do so by following the directions linked to this letter. If you encounter any problems with the sign-up process you may contact Debbie Falcone (District Office) at 355-9200, ext. 4014 or dfalcone@schalmont.net

It is important to note that under the current situation, the grades for the 3rd quarter, which ended April 3rd were calculated based on work assigned prior to the mandated suspension of in-school instruction on March 13th.  

All Middle School and High School students will begin the fourth quarter starting on Monday, April 6th. Students in Middle School will start their 4th quarter special area classes as previously scheduled.  These schedules will be provided in Schoology. Classes for the fourth quarter will begin on Monday, April 6, 2020.

Please read a separately posted and mailed communication dated April 3, 2020, for further information on continuing education, including schedules, time allocations and grading for the fourth quarter of school.