Update on Masks at Schalmont Schools

Dear Schalmont families,

We would like to update our community about the use of masks at Schalmont schools following several announcements from New York State in the past week.

Beginning this week, students are allowed to have longer and more frequent mask breaks when they are sitting at desks and six feet from others. We thank our teachers who are making sure students are as comfortable and safe as possible, especially with the recent hot weather.

Students are also allowed to remove masks while outside, such as for recess or physical education. They must continue to stay socially distanced to minimize the chances of spreading COVID-19.

Students, faculty and staff still need to wear masks when they are close to others, on school buses or when individuals are up and moving around. All these measures are consistent with the guidance we have received and similar to what school districts in our region are doing.

If we receive any new guidance in the last few weeks of school, please know that we will continue to keep you updated. We all look forward to a time, hopefully soon, when we do not have to wear masks. But we want to continue to follow the guidance that has allowed us to remain open for our community’s children this year. As always, the health and safety of our students is our top priority.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me 518-355-9200 ext. 4001. Thank you.


Dr. Thomas Reardon