Students Explore Science Labs Virtually

Students use virtual reality goggles

Third graders visited the laboratories of paleontologists, DNA researchers and a Museum of Natural Sciences Tuesday without ever leaving their Jefferson Elementary School classroom.

Using virtual reality goggles, students in Ms. Melchior’s classroom excitedly looked around the virtual laboratories and compared what they found.

“What do you notice in the lab?” Ms. Melchior asked her students.

“Fossils!” one student eagerly replied.

“Some kind of map on the wall,” said another student.

“Write down three things you noticed in the lab,” Ms. Melchior instructed as students put down their goggles and recorded what they saw on a worksheet.

The virtual reality goggles were purchased with the help of an IDEA grant and have been loaned to the library and other classes to allow more students to explore virtually. This year, due to COVID-19, the goggles have largely stayed in Ms. Melchior’s classroom with each student assigned a pair to avoid sharing the items.