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The ongoing COVID-19/Coronavirus public health emergency has challenged us to find new ways to support our students in their journey through K-12 education. A longer than expected closure of our schools – currently until May 15 – means students’ at-home learning will continue for the foreseeable future.

While instruction will not be the same as in a traditional classroom, our goal is that students will have opportunities to be engaged and, guided by their teachers, continue learning new material in preparation for a return to their regular classrooms.

In support of this endeavor, our district has collaborated with Capital Region BOCES and its twenty-three other component school districts to curate and/or develop high-quality, standards-based lessons and resources focused on the most essential curriculum for our students in K-8 ELA and math, middle-level science and social studies, and Regents courses. The concepts and lessons provided are those that are foundational to students’ future learning. We will be using these resources in our district as a springboard for our teachers to customize their own lessons with their students as appropriate.  

As a region, we have also collaborated to define reasonable and practical expectations for students’ at-home learning, given these less-than-ideal circumstances. This includes significantly reduced expectations for how much time students spend on at-home learning each week and a simplified, non-traditional model of grading based on measures of student learning.  

Recommended Time Allocations:

  • Expectations for student at-home learning time should not exceed the recommendations listed below. Note that student at-home learning time includes time spent learning new material, watching video lessons, participating in class chats/hangouts, and completing assigned work and activities.  Additional optional resources may be provided. 
    • K-2:  2.5 hours total each week for ELA and math, with an additional hour each week for learning in other disciplines (3.5 hours/week total)
    • Gr. 3-5: 4 hours total each week for ELA and math, with an additional hour each week for learning in other disciplines (5 hours/week total)
    • Gr. 6-8:  2 hours per week for each: ELA, math, science, and social studies; 2 hours each per week for all other subject areas  (10 hours/week total)
    • Gr. 9-12:  3 hours per week for each credit-bearing course (24 hours/week total)
    • Support services such as ENL and special education will be provided in addition to these time guidelines to the extent practicable per individual student plans

Grading During Period of Onsite Classes (September 2019 – March 13, 2020)

Q1 and Q2 grades have been completed and will stand as entered the district’s student information system (SIS). Any changes will need to follow district policy and must be authorized by the school principal.

Q3 Grades will be completed as of March 13, 2020.  Students may turn in remaining work at the discretion of the teacher.  Grades for Q3 must be posted in eSchoolData by April 8, 2020. Additional messaging forthcoming regarding these report cards.

Grading during the suspension of onsite classes (March 18-April 14)

The determination of how a district provides grades to students is a local decision. The provision of grades and awarding of course credit must be aligned with guidance from NYSED and local school district policies.

Q4 – Students will be graded based on a pass/fail basis.

Grading will occur only in those classes/courses in which all students being graded have had equitable access to mandated and non-mandated services. Feedback will be provided to students based on what they have learned or not learned and their level of engagement/participation in the learning process.  

Where grades will be provided:

  • The teacher is encouraged to consider a simplified, non-traditional model of grading based on measures of student learning, e.g:
    • Evidence of Learning = Student has demonstrated learning of compressed curriculum based on what was taught and assigned.
    • Not Yet Learned = Student has not completed assignment, or work completed does not yet demonstrate learning of the compressed curriculum. Students will be given the opportunity to redo and resubmit work to demonstrate learning. 

The most important expectation we hold for our students is that they participate daily and connect with their teachers so that learning can continue. As parents and guardians, you are important partners and digital role models for your children to help them develop new routines to remain engaged in their learning during these unprecedented times.

Together, we can continue our educational mission on behalf of our students.


Carol Pallas



Information regarding NYS Regents

Regents Guidance Summary

Pathways to Graduation during COVID 19 (PPT)

Graduation Requirements during COVID 19

Your children should be in contact with teachers at this time. Teachers will be delivering online assignments and lessons. If you would like to supplement those activities here are some links.

Logging into your Schalmont Student Schoology Account

  1. Login in to your Google account in your Chrome Browser *** or school Chromebook
  2. Open Chrome Browser
  3. Type in the URL window at the top of the page
  4. Verify your Google account when it prompts you
  5. Add a bookmark/favorite for Schoology
  • Type carefully; spell “Schalmont” and/or “Schoology” correctly or it will not work.
  • *** While browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox may work, some features in Google and Schoology simply operate better in the Chrome browser; Google Chrome is a free download.

Logging in to your Schalmont Student Google Account

  1. Go to in your Chrome Browser
  2. Click “log in”
  3. Enter your username which should look like this:

  1. Enter your password or the “default” password if it’s your first time 
  • Teachers should email me if they do not know the “default” password.
  • * While browsers like Internet Explorer and  Firefox may work, some features in Google and Schoology work better in the Chrome browser; Chrome is a free download.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal provides registered parents/guardians with access to their particular students’ attendance information by period, schedule, report card grades, progress reports, and more. Learn how to access and register for Parent Portal.

Technology Help Desk

While students are familiar with our Chromebooks these district-provided devices are not the only technology devices available. In fact, students may use the Chrome browser on their home computers. Help using a home computer can be found on the above link.
Please know that in order to resolve technical issues in a timely manner we need to speak with the user (parent/student) directly. Therefore, please direct all parent/guardian/student concerns with a students district provided device to the Help Desk (email or call 518-355-9200 x3099 and leave a message). We will return the call/email and communicate directly with the parent/student and coordinate whatever support we can offer.
Our team continues to work extended hours in order to provide timely support. Device resources are running low. However, whenever possible, our team will work from a variety of possible workarounds.

General Education Resources

PBS Educational Series on TV —  You can find standard aligned lesson plan materials here:

The “TV Classroom” network is now available, weekdays from 8 a.m.—5 p.m. on WCNY’s GLOBAL CONNECT channel. GLOBAL CONNECT is on 24.3 with an antenna, 1276 on Spectrum Digital, and 467 on FiOS. Regular programming pre-empted. Classes will also be simulcast from and available on demand at

View the “TV Classroom” network schedule: View Schedule

Math Resources

Eureka Math Resources:

Physical Education Resources 

PE Log – Attached is a PE Physical Activity log students can use. 

Elementary –PE at Home

Art Education Resources

National Gallery of Art: Kids Zone

The Art Career Project

Library/Reading Resources

K-1 Read-Alouds on YouTube

K-4 Storyline Readers

More Free Read-Alouds

Open Library

Specialized Services


Fine Motor Links:

Hands On As We Grow

Therapy Fun

Gross Motor Links:

Pink Oatmeal (Also on Instagram with videos)

Speech Therapy

Jefferson Elementary Resources Articulation, Language

Middle School Speech  

K-1 Articulation Folder  

Mommy Speech Therapy

Communication Activities 

Fluency & Stuttering Help 

Social Work

Anxiety TED Talk

Managing Anxiety regarding Coronavirus  

Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus 

Continuing Talk about COVID-19

Personal Hygiene 

Coping Strategies 

Positive Thinking  

High School Study Skills