Student and Parent Educational Resources

Educational Resources –

Your children should be in contact with teachers at this time. Teachers will be delivering online assignments and lessons. If you would like to supplement those activities here are some links,

Logging into your Schalmont Student Schoology Account

  1. Login in to your Google account in your Chrome Browser *** or school Chromebook
  2. Open Chrome Browser
  3. Type in the URL window at the top of the page
  4. Verify your Google account when it prompts you
  5. Add a bookmark/favorite for Schoology
  • Type carefully; spell “Schalmont” and/or “Schoology” correctly or it will not work.
  • *** While browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox may work, some features in Google and Schoology simply operate better in the Chrome browser; Google Chrome is a free download.

Logging in to your Schalmont Student Google Account

  1. Go to in your Chrome Browser
  2. Click “log in”
  3. Enter your username which should look like this:

  1. Enter your password or the “default” password if it’s your first time 
  • Teachers should email me if they do not know the “default” password.
  • * While browsers like Internet Explorer and  Firefox may work, some features in Google and Schoology work better in the Chrome browser; Chrome is a free download.

Technology Help Desk

While students are familiar with our Chromebooks these district-provided devices are not the only technology devices available. In fact, students may use the Chrome browser on their home computers. Help using a home computer can be found on the above link.
Please know that in order to resolve technical issues in a timely manner we need to speak with the user (parent/student) directly. Therefore, please direct all parent/guardian/student concerns with a students district provided device to the Help Desk (email or call 518-355-9200 x3099 and leave a message). We will return the call/email and communicate directly with the parent/student and coordinate whatever support we can offer.
Our team continues to work extended hours in order to provide timely support. Device resources are running low. However, whenever possible, our team will work from a variety of possible workarounds.

General Education Resources

PBS Educational Series on TV —  You can find standard aligned lesson plan materials here:

The “TV Classroom” network is now available, weekdays from 8 a.m.—5 p.m. on WCNY’s GLOBAL CONNECT channel. GLOBAL CONNECT is on 24.3 with an antenna, 1276 on Spectrum Digital, and 467 on FiOS. Regular programming pre-empted. Classes will also be simulcast from and available on demand at

View the “TV Classroom” network schedule: View Schedule

Math Resources

Eureka Math Resources:

Physical Education Resources 

PE Log – Attached is a PE Physical Activity log students can use. 

Elementary –PE at Home

Art Education Resources

National Gallery of Art: Kids Zone

The Art Career Project

Library/Reading Resources

K-1 Read-Alouds on YouTube

K-4 Storyline Readers

More Free Read-Alouds

Open Library

Specialized Services


Fine Motor Links:

Hands On As We Grow

Therapy Fun

Gross Motor Links:

Pink Oatmeal (Also on Instagram with videos)

Speech Therapy

Jefferson Elementary Resources Articulation, Language

Middle School Speech  

K-1 Articulation Folder  

Mommy Speech Therapy

Communication Activities 

Fluency & Stuttering Help 

Social Work

Anxiety TED Talk

Managing Anxiety regarding Coronavirus  

Talking to Kids about the Coronavirus 

Continuing Talk about COVID-19

Personal Hygiene 

Coping Strategies 

Positive Thinking  

High School Study Skills