Spanish IV Students Create Pinatas

Students create piñatas

High School students in Spanish IV celebrated the completion of their piñata project in January  by having fun breaking open the piñatas they created in class.

Students not only built their own but they learned about the history of the piñata, including how it has changed over time from a religious symbol to a cultural tradition.

They also learned how piñatas are a unique art form, how piñata-making has become the main livelihood for a community in Mexico, and the vocabulary for the supplies used and symbolism of a traditional piñata.

“The project exemplifies a flipped classroom where the students are working on their own on their remote days, and using their in-person days to work collaboratively,” explained Teacher Sandra Riggin. “It’s also an example of project-based learning, as they make all their creative decisions, solve their construction problems, and they have to submit a report about their daily construction progress, and explain pros and cons of the projects.”