Schalmont Update April 13, 2020

Dear Parents & Guardians, 

We are now approaching over a month since we have been in physical classrooms with your students. As this closure continues, we are continuing to make improvements to our virtual learning environment to provide a critical link to learning for all Schalmont students. I would like to thank you all for continuing to support your children and our teachers as they push forward with maintaining an educational environment that provides essential learning and regular communication as we all navigate through this unprecedented time. I, and all the staff at Schalmont, hope you and your loved ones are healthy and well.

Linked below are some of the key areas that I wanted to highlight as we continue to move forward. Please read carefully as our leadership team has made determinations regarding instruction and grading based upon the Board of Regents exemptions and other decisions that are now in place. It is very important to us that we strive for equity amongst our students and do our best not to negatively impact student’s records because they are learning from home. Learning from home presents challenges that differ from learning in the school setting on campus. All teachers have this information and are working collaboratively with administrators to enact online learning in a more standardized manner. Teachers, Principals and I are always available to assist if you have any questions.

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