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The Sabre Citizen: February 2020

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Announcing The 8th-Grade Dance, Saturday, June 13, 2020

Planning for your child’s Middle School Moving-Up Ceremony/Dance has begun! The theme for this year’s event is Red Carpet Gala, which was voted on by the students. Thank you to all who have joined the committee, but volunteers are still needed! If you are interested in volunteering or would like to stay connected with all activities related to t his event, please contact Chris Rose at to be placed on the group email.

We are presently seeking donation s from local businesses and current 8th-grade families to make this a memorable event for all. If you have or know of a business that would like to make a monetary donation to this special event, please collect this donation in the form of cash or check made payable to Schalmont Class of Z0Z4. Please send donations in an envelope addressed to 8th-Grade Dance Committee with your child’s name on it and have your child give it to their homeroom teacher.

To show our appreciation for these donations, the business name and/or family name will be placed in the ceremony program and distributed  to hundreds of attendees the day of the event.

Additionally, we are asking parents to email digital photo s of their 8″ grade children to Schalmont class of 2024 These photos will be used in the slide show which will be shown at the ceremony and the dance. When emailing pictures, please include t he name of your child in t he email. We are asking for 3-S pictures of your child one of which should be a baby picture or young picture, if possible. ALL PICTURES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY March 1!

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Your time and generosity will go a long way toward making this 8th-grade dance a huge success!


8th-Grade Dance Committee

Environmental Club

Celebrate the Holidays in an Environmentally-Friendly Way

As you are making plans to gather with family and friends this winter, remember your imp act on the environment.

Here are some tips to help green your celebration:

  • Set the table with reusable dishes, utensils, and  cloth napkins.
  • Purchase local or organic foods when possible.
  • Have guests bring their own reusable containers to share leftovers.
  • Create new recipes using leftovers. There are lots of ideas online.
  • Compost fruit and vegetable scraps in your backyard composting pile. Always compost what you can at home.

Remember to ‘ Give Back’ during the sea so n of giving by reducing your environmental impact and making our world better through conservation.

Look out: CLYNK Fundraiser starts January 2020!!!

Literacy Partnership: Just 20 minutes a day

In a world that has become so screen dependent and busy, how import ant is it to pick up a book and simply read? How important is reading in our children’ s lives?

Research by the American Academy of Pediatrics has found that early parental involvement in a child’ s reading has proven to be one of the most important determinants of language and literacy. Specifically, if adults at home get involved in their child’ s literacy earl y on, the better and longer lasting the effects are at school and the more proficient they become. More than ever, we need to continue reading with and reading to our children at home.

Time spent reading with your child at home is absolutely critical time.

How to support your child’s reading development outside of school

  • Be present; make time in your day for books.
  • Talk with your child about your favorite books as a child.
  • Read what your child is reading; share in conversations around those books.
  • Go to the local library with your child – it’ s FREE!!
  • Have books of every level available for  your child—vacation books, “just -right” books, and challenging books.
  • Connect with your child s teacher about what books ore best for your child to read at home.
  • Encourage your child to check out books from the school library Read with and to your child even after they read independently.
  • Tell each other stories about the best or worst parts o f your day—practice sequencing ideas.
  • Play games—mad libs, word search, hangman, boggle, etc .
  • Be confident in your own reading—you don’t have to be a reading teacher to support and impact your child.

National Junior Honor Society NEWS

Large group of students pose in front of a school entrance holding boxes with collected hot cocoa boxes.







NJHS recently held their annual Hot Cocoa Drive to benefit the Thanksgiving Food Drive. Thanks to the efforts students  in grades  6-8, we collected 538  boxes of hot cocoa! Thank you to everyone who made a donation.
Next up:  Toy Drive for the Schenectady City Mission’s Christmas

NJHS is asking for donations of new, un-wrapped toys for kids ages 1 -14, and mittens, gloves, or hats for children  ages 10-14.  Please send donations to the MS Guidance office, room 106 or room 123, by Monday, Dec. 9.

Interested in becoming a member of NJHS?

Stop by the Guidance Office for information about the requirements or contact Mrs. Sinnott, club adviser.

Guidance Department launches new sign-in system

The Guidance Department is starting a new sign-in system. The new system will keep track of the types of services provided, how often students are seeking help, and the subjects students might be missing to access guidance services. The new system will help us minimize disruption to instruction and learning activities.

Going forward, upon coming into the guidance office students will be directed to sign in using a laptop on Mrs. D’Ambrosio’s desk.  The sign-in process consists of five questions: First name; last name; assigned counselor; reason for the visit; and the class in progress at the time of the visit.

Students will then take a seat and wait to be called in by their counselor.

The guidance office would appreciate the cooperation of students and staff in establishing this new sign-in process.

Yearbooks on sale through Dec. 31

Yearbooks will be on sale now through December 31  at $28 each. As of January 1, the price will increase to $30. Place  your orders online or contact Mrs. D’Alessandro at  Mrs. Duxbury at

This year we are asking parents or students if they have any pictures from activities, sports or friends they would like to be included in the yearbook. Submission should be emailed to Mrs. D’Alessandro or Mrs. Duxbury.