Schalmont Middle School Newsletter

The latest issue of The Sabre Citizen is available as a pdf here.

October Dates

  • October 2 – 5th Grade Teacher Conference 11:00 am Dismissal
  • October 5 – School Pictures…5th Grade and 7-8 A-L
  • October 6 – School Pictures…6th Grade and 7-8 M-Z
  • October 8 – 5th Grade Parent Teacher Conference 10:45 Dismissal
  • October 8 – 6th—8th Grade Go Home Early Drill… students dismissed 15 minutes early
  • October 12 – Columbus Day….No School
  • October 14 -5th Grade Parent Teacher Conference…11:00am Dismissal
  • October 19 – 5th Grade Parent Teacher Conference…11:00 am Dismissal
  • October 22 – Virtual Open House
  • October 27 – 5th Grade Parent Teacher Conference…11:00 am Dismissal

 November Dates

  • November 11 – Veterans Day…No School
  • November 25 – Half-Day… Staff and Students…10:45 Dismissal
  • November 26-27 – Thanksgiving Recess

Principal Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Accelerated programs in math and science at the middle school begin in the 7th grade. The accelerated programs permit students to earn high school credits for Integrated Algebra, and Earth Science as 8th graders and by doing so, accelerated students have the opportunity to take college credit courses in math and science as seniors. Participating In accelerated courses is a significant challenge and we strongly recommend that students participating in accelerated programs have a strong aptitude for math and/or science and problem solving as well as a solid work ethic when it comes to completing assignments on time.

Invitation to participate in an accelerated math or science program is determined by a student’s academic performance in sixth grade and is based on all or the following:

  • Test/quiz average of 93% or higher for each of the four quarters
  • A 93% average in the respective subject area (math or science for each of the four quarters
  • Overall G.P.A. of90% or better for each of the four quarters
  • Homework completion rate of 95% or better for each of the four quarters
  • Final exam grade of 85 or higher in the respective subject content area

Those invitations are sent to parents in June. If you have any questions about the purpose of accelerated placement or the selection criteria, please contact your child’s math or science teacher.


Scott Ziomek, Principal

School Nurse

Physical Exams are mandatory for all students in 5th and 7th grade. If documentation is not received in the health office by November, you son/daughter will be seen by the school physician for the required physical exam.

Any questions or concerns, please call me at 518-355-6522, extension 2062.

Cheryl Glindmyer
School Nurse

Lunch Menu

October lunch menu available here.


The yearbook will be a little different this year with Remote, Virtual and In school pictures. We want to capture all aspects of this coming school and to do that we need your help! We are asking parents and/or students to send in any pictures from school activities, sports and/or friend photos to be included in the yearbook. Help us make this a yearbook to remember!

Please email your favorite photos to or

You are not going to want to miss out on the amazing incentive we are offering this year when ordering personalized yearbooks. Pre-order now through October 23rd and receive four free icons for your personalized yearbooks.

Yearbooks will be on sale now through December 31st for $28.00. As of January 1st, the price will increase to $30.00. Please place your orders online at  https://jostensyearbooks com. We are going to try to do all our orders online if possible. If you can not order online, you can send in a check to us with your students name, grade and homeroom teacher. Any questions on orders, please contact Mrs. D’Alessandro at or Mrs. Duxbury at

Thank you very much!!!

Mrs. D’Alessandro
Mrs. Duxury

Virtual Wednesday Conferences in FACS Class

In Family and Consumer Sciences, Virtual Wednesdays are all about mental health. Students started a “Brain Dump” activity that allows them to take some class time to write down anything, and everything that comes to their mind. They start with a 30 second “clearing of he mind”, as they deep breathe, close their eyes, and focus on being in the moment. Once the 30 seconds is up, they then have 10 minutes to jot down their thoughts, feelings, and anything else that comes to mind. Once they are finished, they are given three prompts. Each Virtual Wednesday that we meet, and have our “Brain Dump” activity, will add another prompt for them to think about.

The objective of this activity is to help students to reflect and recognize the stress they may have in their lives, and not only put a positive spin on it, but to gather tools and resources to help them manage their stress. This activity also focuses on other life skills that are integrated in the New York State Family and Consumer Sciences Standards such as; Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Innovation, and Sustainability.