High School Attendance and Performance Policy


  • 1-2 Tardies:  Warning
  • 3-4 Tardies:  Lunch Detention/Warning
  • 5th Tardy:  After School Detention/Last Warning
  • 6+ Tardies:  Parent meeting and possible loss of privilege until meeting takes place (may include: parking, and extra-curricular participation)


  • Step 1: A letter will go home from the principal after a student has been absent illegally for 3 days in a marking period or 5 days overall making the parent aware of the situation.
  • Step 2: After 6-10 days absent a second letter will be sent home and parents will be asked to come in and meet with an administrator about their child’s lack of attendance.
  • Step 3: if the absences continue or the parents do not come in for a meeting, an administrator and the SRO will do a home visit.

If  parents and/or student is still non-compliant, other options include:                                                                                            

PINS Petition

The district may file proceedings in court and furnish evidence for the conviction of the parents and/or child for non-compliance with the compulsory attendance laws (Schalmont Code of Conduct).

A PINS petition is to be completed by the district on any student under age of 18 who demonstrates that he or she requires supervision and treatment for reasons that include being habitually truant and not attending school as required by part one of Article 65 or the Education Law (Schalmont Code of Conduct).

File Educational Neglect Report with CPS

If parents are unable to be contacted, have been uncooperative with school officials, or cannot provide an explanation for student absences, reasonable cause could be established to suspect that parent is aware of the absence and has not taken reasonable steps to address the problem. If absences continue to be excessive, educational neglect may be suspected and CPS should be contacted. Mandated reporters must place call.    

Performance Requirements

Events/Participation Requirements

  • Snowball/Winter Dances:  Cannot be failing more than two classes OR not have 10 or more illegal absences.
  • Prom/Senior Banquet:  Cannot be failing more than two classes OR have more than 18 illegal absences.
  • Field Trips:  Students cannot leave school for field trips if they are failing more than two classes OR have more than 10 illegal absences.  This includes all activities that take students out of the building.