High School Guidance Office

Schalmont High School guidance staff members play a very important role in helping students get over the hurdles during their stay here. They, as well as teachers, are available to answer any questions students might have.

View the district’s School Counseling Plan.

Middle school students will be assigned a guidance counselor to assist them. Students should be aware that all records kept on a student could be found in the guidance office. Parents are also encouraged to be in contact with the guidance counselors as the need arises. A counselor can be a valuable friend during one’s stay at the middle school.

Services offered by the guidance department are:

  • Individual or group counseling.
  • Career and educational counseling.
  • Interpretation of standardized test results.
  • Referrals and recommendations to other pupil service specialists and outside counseling services.
  • Coordination of parent-teacher conferences.
  • In addition, reading, math, speech/language, and social/emotional concerns are addressed through direct services to students and consultation with staff members and parents. Arrangements for this type of assistance may be made through the guidance department.

School Support

Guidance Counselors

Kylie Kaufman, kkaufman@schalmont.net
Greg Loiacono, gloiacono@schalmont.net
Debra Ackermann, dackermann@schalmont.net

Guidance Secretary

Kathie McKeon, kmckeon@schalmont.net
(518) 355-6110, ext. 3047


Carrie Shapiro, cshapiro@schalmont.net


Debra McCloskey, dmccloskey@schalmont.net

Social Worker

John Condemi, jcondemi@schalmont.net

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