Restaurant Owner Visits 1st Graders

Student with letterFirst graders in Ms. Pink’s classroom enjoyed a visit from Tops American Grill owner Evan Christou April 29 after he received a letter from a student explaining his restaurant was the student’s favorite.

Each year, students write opinion/persuasive letters about their favorite local restaurants that are then mailed to the establishments. The class was creative this year as many students had not been to a restaurant due to the pandemic so they wrote about places where their families purchased take-out food.

Mr. Christou, who often visits the class each year because his restaurant is a popular choice for students, shared information about his establishment and brought individual gift bags for each student.

“There were many ‘oooohs’ and ‘ahhhhs’ from the crowd,” said Ms. Pink. “They were amazed by the amount of food Evan has to order each week for the restaurant and that it has been in his family for nearly seven decades.”

Another student received a generous gift box from Villa Italia Bakery after a student sent a letter saying it was her favorite restaurant.

“We have received so much support from local businesses over the years,” said Ms. Pink.

Thank you Mr. Christou and Villa Italia Bakery for your kindness for our students!

(Please note, students removed their masks for just a moment for these photos and were not near other students when the photos were taken.)

Student with letter