Remote Learners Hold Science Fair

Student with Rube Goldberg Machine

Fourth grade remote learners are holding a Rube Goldberg Machine Fair this week by sharing their projects virtually as part of a science unit on force, motion and simple machines.

Students first learned about Rube Goldberg, an engineer turned cartoonist who became famous in the 1950s for cartoons of machines solving simple problems in complicated ways, as part of a mini-artist study.

Students then created their own machines and had to explain what problem it solved and the three simple machines they used, such as pulleys and wheels.

From popping balloons to feeding a pet rabbit to lifting a banana for a brother, students came up with creative ideas that had their teacher Nicole Russell laughing and praising their ideas.

“It’s okay if it doesn’t work. That’s science. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t but the effort it there,” Ms. Russell told her students with a laugh. “These are so good. I am so proud of you!”

Great job!

Remote learners