Please drive safely on and around campus

With the school year well-underway, this is a good time to remind both student drivers and parents who are dropping students off to focus on safe driving and abide by posted speed limit markers.

Throughout the first month of school, Rotterdam Police reported frequent incidences of unsafe driving near the middle and high school campus, as well as by student drivers leaving campus to travel to the BOCES Career and Technical Education campus. District officials have also received complaints of students exceeding the speed limit on school grounds, and vehicles not following the proper traffic pattern or using student drop-off areas.

To ensure the safety of all students on school grounds, it is imperative that parents dropping off students follow the loops and use the designated drop off areas as intended. Furthermore, the posted speed limit of 15 MPH must be followed at all times, by all drivers on campus.

The district’s regulations regarding students use of vehicles is available online at