Parking permit information

Dear Parent/Guardian,

This letter comes to you based on your child’s request for driving privileges at Schalmont High School. Please take a few minutes to read the attached “Regulations Regarding Student Use of Vehicles” and “Student Use Vehicle Contract” with your child. You will note, both you and your child must sign the contract. I would like to emphasize to you that Schalmont High School is a closed campus; students may not leave campus during any free time. 

Only 11th and 12th grade students are given the privilege of driving cars to school. An ample student parking area has been set aside for student use only. There are a set of regulations that the student drivers are asked to adhere to. Just as New York State sees the need for rules of the road, it is necessary for us to have rules for driving and parking on our campus.

Schalmont is a closed campus and students must be in attendance within the building during their scheduled study halls and lunch period.  Students are not allowed to leave campus at any time during the school day, unless written or verbal permission is received from a parent and is verified by personnel in the Main Office.  The closed campus also pertains to visitors. Use of facilities and grounds on campus during the school day are not permitted. We do not allow unauthorized vehicles on school property during school hours. We feel this is a necessary requirement in order to help ensure the safety of all our students.      

There will be a $25 fee for parking.  The fee collected will be donated to the Dollars for Scholars program which will generate scholarships for graduating seniors. 

The enclosed contract is to be signed and returned to the School Resource Officer. The student will need to bring their license, car registration, fee and insurance card when returning this form. Students will be issued a parking sticker. The parking sticker must be displayed on the back of the rear view mirror of the student vehicle that is parked on school property. These stickers are not transferable. If you drive a different vehicle, you will need to update the records in the Main Office and get a new sticker for that vehicle.

Please note; failure to adhere to the attached “Regulations Regarding Student Use of Vehicles” may result in suspension of driving privileges. Unauthorized tardiness, unauthorized absence and/or multiple discipline referrals may result in suspension of your child’s driving privileges as well. 

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter.


Imran Abbasi