Parents help JES kids get career ready

Adult speaking to classroom of elementary students

On Thursday, February 28,  the fourth grade students at Jefferson Elementary School participated in a career day as part of Schalmont’s career and college readiness month.

It was a great day as students listened to parents discuss their occupations and what content and skills are most widely used within their chosen field. The students listened to a wide variety of interesting and important occupations that included(banking, law enforcement, firefighter/paramedic, engineering, construction services, transportation management, state government, speech pathology, tax program, and nursing.

A special thank you goes out to the following parents and grandparents for volunteering their time and inspiring our young students:

Adult speaking to classroom of elementary studentsTracy Randall
Michael Desantis
Thomas Buckton
Maurizio Cassano
Mike Komazenski
Laura Backer
Devin Anderson
Darren Haggett
Mary/Owen Shevlin
Stanley Pollard
Jeff Amoroso
Julie DAndreti
Janell Sindoni
Jenn Ferluge