NYS Mandate Requires Masks in Schools

Dear Schalmont Families,

We want to share with our community that New York State officially announced late Friday a mandate requiring masks be worn in schools and on school buses.

This news was expected and follows the information we shared with families recently about our plan for the new school year, based on the latest guidance from our county Health Department.

Please know that like last year, we will do everything we can to make sure your children are comfortable, happy and learning at school. Students will have mask breaks during the day whenever teachers determine it is safe to do so. Students will not have to wear masks outside. We will provide as many opportunities as we can for students to go outside during the school day.

Any parent who feels their child can not follow the New York State mask mandate is asked to please call your child’s principal before the start of school to discuss other educational options. We want to ensure the first day of school continues to be a treasured memory for our families and an exciting day for our students. Families will be called to pick up their child if they refuse to wear a mask.

Again, we all look forward to a time soon when our students, faculty and staff do not have to wear masks. But the safety of our community’s children is our top priority and our County and State Health Department partners believe masks right now are critical in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 delta variant. We hope schools will be able to relax precautions at some point this school year when community transmission levels return to a lower level.

We are truly excited for a great school year and to have our entire school community back together for the first time in 18 months. We know our students will be excited to see all their friends each day and we can’t wait to help them learn and support their social-emotional needs.


Dr. Thomas Reardon