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A note on Schalmont CSD Tax bills

As Schalmont residents receive their tax bills for the 2018-19 school year, some taxpayers, particularly in the towns of Duanesburg, Princetown, and Guilderland may notice a sharp increase in the tax rate from last year.
Please know that this is due to conditions outside of the district’s control, and that the Schalmont Central School District is NOT collecting more taxes than what voters approved in May.

There is a difference between the tax LEVY – which the school district controls – and a tax RATE –which we do not. Voters approve the amount of our tax LEVY each year in May. This past May, they approved a 2.6% increase in the LEVY, which is exactly what we'll be collecting.

School districts do not control the tax RATES - the manner in which that levy is collected from individual taxpayers – and it is safe to say that nobody's taxes actually increased by exactly 2.6%.

In fact, among the 5 townships in our district, the tax rate increase ranged from a decrease of 46.1% on a homestead parcel in Florida, to an increase of 88.4% on a non-homestead parcel in Guilderland.

These variations occur due to the apportionment/distribution of our tax levy. And apportionment is heavily influenced by the equalization rates assigned to each town's real property assessments by the New York State Office of Real Property. Our voter-approved tax levy is apportioned/distributed across our 5 towns based upon the full value of each town's real estate. Full value is calculated by multiplying assessed value by equalization rate.

 Subtle shifts in equalization rate can have huge impacts upon each town's apportionment, and thus their tax rates.
For example, based on the full valuation model, Rotterdam was assessed 75.26% of our voter-approved levy in 2017. This year, they're assessed 73.55% of our levy. That mean they're paying a smaller share (of the whole) this year than they did last year. And the balance of the levy will be picked up by other towns.

Further complicating matters is that towns in the Schalmont Central School District have different tax rates for homestead (residential) and non-homestead (commercial, industrial, and non-residential) properties. In all five of towns in Schalmont, the non-homestead tax rate is higher than the homestead rate.

If you have any questions on this complex process, please call our business office at 518-355-9200. We will be happy to address any concerns and answer any questions you may have.