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New Chromebook Initiative for 7th & 8th Graders

Parent/Student Chromebook Pick Up at High School, August 27-29, 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Attention parents! If your student is entering 7th through 9th grade this coming September, your child will be receiving a district issued Chromebook to use at school and at home--24/7. We at Schalmont Central Schools strongly believe that by providing your student with their own Chromebook, that they in turn, will learn to interact with both teachers and their peers to produce digital content, work collaboratively, and gain both college and career readiness.

Parents or guardians must accompany students when picking up Chromebooks.

Each Chromebook comes with its own carry case!

What are Students Responsible for?

  • Chromebooks should be powered down at least once per week in order to allow needed updates.
  • Students should log off their Chromebook at least once per week in order to allow needed updates.
  • Chromebooks should be kept in their own case or neoprene slip cover before being placed into a backpack or messenger bag.
  • Chromebooks should be charged each night.
  • Chromebooks should be brought to school each day.
  • District provided Chromebooks are for educational use only.

For additional information, click on the "Schalmont Help Desk" icon in the "Quick Links" section of Schalmont's homepage.

Students - How does this effect your school day?

Carrying your Chromebook:
Chromebooks should be carried in the Chromebook case (labeled with your name) that was given to you at Chromebook pickup.
During your physical education class, you will "park" your Chromebook on the shelves between the boys locker room and Mr. George's technology office.
Troubleshooting Chromebook issues:
Sometimes our network has issues, so first find out if the issue is unique to you or are others having trouble as well.
If the issue seems to be unique to your Chromebook, you should troubleshoot the issue: check for updates, clear your browsing data, properly shutdown and restart your Chromebook.
Have your teacher contact the Help Desk if there are still issues.

Chromebook FAQ

Q: How does my child receive their Chromebook?

A: Parents and students can pick up their Chromebooks at the Schalmont High School on August 27th, 28th and 29th from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. There will be campus signs directing you to the pick-up location.

Q: What if my student and I cannot pick up the Chromebook on those days?

A: You and your student can pick up your Chromebook beginning on Tuesday, September 4th during regular school hours. You may call the Technology Help Desk at 355-9200 x3099 or email to let them know when you will be arriving.

Q: Can my student pick up the Chromebook on their own?

A: No, because there is paperwork to be signed, we need a parent or guardian to accompany the student.

Q: What if the Chromebook becomes damaged, lost or stolen?

A: There is a per "repair incident" $50 fee which covers district Chromebook replacement due to spills, drops, cracks and other damages. The per "loss/theft incident" $150 fee covers replacement of the district provided Chromebook due to loss or theft. There is no charge for warranty covered repairs.

Q: Where do we go should my student's Chromebook become lost, stolen, damaged and/or need warranty repairs?

A: Your student should bring their Chromebook and Chromebook charger to the Technology Help Desk in HS Room 118 with the appropriate fee (cash/check) anytime Monday through Friday when school is in session (7:15AM-3:30PM)

Q: What if my student forgets their Chromebook or is awaiting a repair?

A: The middle school will have a small number of loaner Chromebooks for students who have forgotten theirs. The loaner devices need to be returned by the end of the day or the student's loaner device AND their assigned device will be disabled until the borrowed device is returned.

How will we use Chromebooks?

G Suite for Education

Over the past few years, Schalmont Central Schools has rallied behind the G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education). G Suite is an integrated and collaborative set of professional tools hosted by Google. It enables our faculty, students, and staff to communicate, store files, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time, from anywhere in the world. G Suite now makes up a substantial part of the district's digital ecosystem. Also, there are hundreds or applications that students can access via their Google account. A benefit of using Chromebooks is the seamless integration of Google apps. (Parents... look for workshops related to Google tools in next year's Adult Education offerings)


Schoology is Schalmont's "learning management system" that provides ALL of Schalmont's parents and students 24 hour access to "day to day" course grades and essential classroom resources. For students, it's where they check for recently posted grades, submit classroom assignments in the form of documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, and even audio and video. Students might take online assessments in Schoology and/or receive important updates from their teachers. Parents can view their student's progress, any posted teacher comments and homework calendars. If you have any questions about Schoology and parent access, email Mr. George at