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A message from Principal Abbasi on '13 Reasons Why' season 2

Dear Parents and Students,

Last year the show 13 Reasons because a popular show for young adults and touched on several challenging issues pertaining to teens such as sexual assault, bullying and suicide. Unfortunately, many parents were unaware of the show and some of the themes that were addressed. With the second season starting this week, I wanted to pass along some resources from the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention (AFSP). I would encourage parents to look at the resources provided and know if your child is watching the show so you can address these topics as needed. If you feel you need additional support or resources, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor here at the school or the Capital Region center for AFSP.
Imran Abbasi

Supportive Resources for the Release of the Netflix Series

13 Reasons Why - Season 2

 As you may know, the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why season two, will be released this Friday, May 18th. The first season, which was extremely popular with teens and young adults, followed the story of a high school girl's (Hannah) suicide, including scenes involving bullying, sexual assault and suicide portrayal. In season two, we have learned that the show will focus more on themes of recovery as the school community copes with the aftermath of a suicide loss, suicide attempt and sexual assault.


We would like to share information with you in advance of this season premier. Feel free to share with your child, school contact, friends, and family. The Capital Region Chapter of AFSP is here to support you with a number of helpful tools and resources including:

  • AFSP and 13 Reasons Why - AFSP's web page providing guidance and resources for teachers, parents and young adults who view the show.
  • Teens and Suicide: What Parents Should Know - AFSP's web page that you can link to in your parent newsletters, website and social media accounts.
  • More Than Sad - AFSP's national suicide prevention education program for middle and high school faculty, parents and students. We also have our Talk Saves Lives general community education program on suicide prevention.
  • After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools - Developed in collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, this free in-depth guide offers best practices and practical tools in the aftermath of a suicide that impacts the school community.
  • Seize the Awkward - Our national peer-to-peer PSA campaign that helps teens and young adults be more comfortable talking to each other about mental health and when to get help. Includes humorous videos and vlogs from YouTube stars to make the topic more approachable. Great to use as a discussion tool in classrooms or in peer-to-peer outreach efforts.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a suicide prevention education presentation using either our More Than Sad: Teen Depression or Talk Saves Lives programs. Programs are provided free of charge from funds raised through our Out of the Darkness Walks and other chapter fundraising activities. 

To schedule a program, email Laura Marx or call 518-791-1544.