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Senior portraits to be taken April 9-13

The correct dates for senior portraits are April 9-13, not the week of April 2 as has been advertised by the portrait company.

A letter from the yearbook staff, with the correct dates, follows:

Your senior year at Schalmont will be a year to remember!

The yearbook staff is already hard at work planning to make this the best Le Sabre Yearbook yet. In the past, the Senior Class has made up the majority of the Le Sabre Yearbook and we plan to keep it that way, starting with Senior Portraits. We must take these well in advance due to an early publisher’s deadline for the Senior Section of your yearbook. This will ensure that your choice of Formal and Informal Pose is printed in the book, allowing enough time for a re-sit if necessary, to guarantee satisfaction. Here is the policy for your Senior Portraits:

1. Each junior will have the opportunity to be professionally photographed at school on April 9-13. The schedule is being created by the yearbook advisors, Mrs. Sabatini and Mrs. Reed. Sign up with them now to get the day and time of your choice. The portraits will be taken in the new gym lobby.
Use the email address that you use daily.

2. All senior portraits used for the Senior Section of the yearbook MUST be taken by Lauren Studios in the proper attire;

       a. All females will wear a black drape, provided by Lauren Studios (Bring or wear a tube top for your comfort, the drape requires bare shoulders);

      b. All males will wear a white shirt, black tie and black tuxedo jacket, provided by Lauren Studios. Please do not wear T-shirts that are dark or have artwork or lettering that would show through the tux shirt.

3. Lauren Studios will provide professional photography for the Informal Poses immediately after your Formal Poses are taken. Please plan enough time in your schedule to take advantage of this opportunity. While Formal Poses can be retaken at their studio facility, Informal Poses cannot. A minimum of 6-poses will be in ‘Formal’ wear; however, all 8-poses may be necessary to achieve a good yearbook image.

4. All students have the opportunity for a twelve (12) pose session at school.
The sitting fee is $20.00, made payable to “Le Sabre Yearbook,� for eight (8) poses in Formal wear and four (4) poses in Informal Wear on campus. Relax and enjoy your session! The Informal poses will be professionally photographed and you will have the opportunity to purchase these alone or in combination with a Formal pose selection as part of your personal portrait order.

5. Approximately 1-3 weeks after your pictures are taken your images will be on our website. Using your browser and the address line near the top of the page (not the “search� box), type in “�. Using your ‘mouse’, select “View Images�; this will take you to the log-in area. Choose the “Create Account� option and type in your client ID number (Do not use your e-mail address). Once you have created your account, select “View Images� Using your ‘mouse’, select a ‘Formal’ image of your choice, click on it and when it appears in the large box, chose “Make this my yearbook choice� at the bottom. Do this again for your ‘Informal’ choice. Once this is done you have completed your yearbook selection process. Actual photo paper proofs will follow shortly. These proofs are the property of Lauren Studios and must be returned. The images are not cropped retouched or color corrected; these are just raw images for you to select a pose from. On the back of the proof(s) selected for the yearbook, sign your name on the back before returning them. If you are retaking your pictures bring your first set of proofs with you to return at that time.

6. MAKE-UP SENIOR PORTRAIT DAY is scheduled on April 26 at School. This day may also be used for students retaking photos – at no charge. Plan on being photographed when originally scheduled, or at your earliest opportunity; this will provide you with more time for the selection process. You may also make an appointment to be photographed at the studio on 50 Colvin Ave Albany, NY. Call (951) 272-8600 12-8pm EST or visit

7. SELECT AND SUBMIT YOUR YEARBOOK CHOICE IN A TIMELY MANNER! The ‘deadline’ pertains strictly to your yearbook selection. There is ample time after your yearbook deadline for you to choose a pose for your personal portrait package order.

8. To prevent the possibility of a student being omitted from the yearbook, part of our contract with Lauren Studios provides that the Studio will choose and submit their choice of a best pose for any student that had not submitted his or her own choice in time for our publisher’s deadline.
9. All checks should be made payable to the “Le Sabre Yearbook� at the time of your sitting.

The Le Sabre Staff