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Shalmont Central School District
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From the principal: Let's have a good start to the second half of the year

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Picture of high school principal Imran AssabiYour child’s second quarter grades and midterm scores are now available on eSchool. To view the report card, you will need access to the Parent Portal; that can be opened through the district website under Quick Links at the eSD link. As a reminder, unless otherwise indicated we no longer mail report cards or progress reports home. If you have any difficulties you can contact the main office. Please review this report with your child. If you have any questions or concerns, you may call the Guidance Center to speak with your child’s counselor. If needed, they can schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher(s).

I hope that you all were able to enjoy the holiday season. At this point in the school year we begin to prepare the second half of the year and all of the activity it brings to the High School. One key upcoming activity is scheduling for the next school year. In the coming months your child will be sitting down with their counselor to discuss options for the 2018-2019 school year, while they will hear information and advice from their counselors, it’s always good for students to be able to discuss those options with you. The guidance website, linked directly to the High School webpage, is a great source of information to help you sort through some of the information such as graduation requirements, course opportunities and college planning.

Another issue that comes with this time of year is our concern over attendance. Getting through the winter and flu season can significantly impact a student’s attendance. Similar to last year, we will be sending letters home documenting the number of days absent to help keep you aware of where your child currently stands. When your child is out, please make sure to send in the documentation so we can account for that absence.

In an effort to hold students more accountable for their attendance, we have set up participation criteria for students to participate in some activities and attendance is an important part of that criteria. Students with a significant number of illegal absences will not be allowed to participate. Below is the criteria we set for passing classes and also attendance to be able to attend specific events. Please discuss this with your child as it could impact their end of the year activities.

Prom/Senior Banquet/Senior Picnic: Cannot be failing more than two classes OR have more than 18 illegal absences.
Field Trips: Students cannot leave school for field trips if they are failing more than two classes OR have more than 10 illegal absences. This includes all activities that take students out of the building.
Lastly, we are seeing an increased number of students who are vaping. While many students feel this is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes, they are still tobacco products and not allowed in school. Students found to have ecigarettes or vapes will be subject to the same rules as any tobacco products which includes an automatic out-of-school suspension for the first offense and additional days for further occurrences.

Have a safe and enjoyable February recess. If I can be of any assistance to you or your child(ren), please contact me at 355-6110, extension 3002.


Imran Abbasi