JES Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Dear Jefferson Families,

The following memo will detail our arrival and dismissal procedures for parents who are planning to transport their children. Please be advised that these plans are also subject to change based on a variety of factors. As always, we appreciate your support and flexibility.


All morning drop offs will occur in the K-1 parking lot which can be accessed by using Ford Avenue. Parents may begin dropping off students at 8:45 am. We encourage you to drop off your child and exit in a timely manner to prevent back ups and bottlenecks. In an effort to make this process as efficient as possible, we also ask that you take pictures of your children at home. Please exercise extreme caution in the parking lot, as it will be a busy place for the first few days of school. We will have staff on hand to assist students as they exit your vehicle and make their way to their classrooms.


Parents wishing to pick up their children at dismissal may do so by parking within our K-1 parking lot. Parents may line up outside of the K-1 office doors at approximately 3:00 p.m. (Please form two lines. One line for K-1 students and the other for students in grades 2-4. Parents who have students at multiple levels may choose either line). Please have your photo ID ready. We will simply approach you outside, ask to see your ID, and will then use walkie talkies and school staff to retrieve your children who will be waiting within our cafeteria or play area. It may take us a few days, but I think you will find that our system will be safe and efficient.

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

Mr. Gifford and Mrs. Grabicki