Our School

Jefferson Elementary School is home to all of the district’s kindergarten through fourth-graders.

It is a large building, split into two houses—one for primary grades K-2 and one for intermediate grades 3-4. The primary office is overseen by the assistant principal, and the intermediate office is overseen by the principal. However, the principal and the assistant principal share responsibilities throughout the building.

Jefferson Elementary School is a community focused on togetherness and teamwork. The school pledge, which addresses the importance of caring about each other and helping one another whenever possible, is an integral part of building that community. Many teachable moments regarding friendship and unity are derived from what students recite each morning. It is this togetherness that makes Jefferson a special place to learn.

School Pledge

As members of this school we promise to care about each other. 
We will help each other whenever we can.
We promise to make our school a place of joy, discovery, peace and respect. 
Above all, we will always try to never hurt anyone on the inside or outside.


Since joining the district, Jefferson Elementary School has undergone significant structural and aesthetic changes over the years. Several renovations have been made to the facility, but major modifications occurred in 1956, 1974, and in 2003, thanks to voters’ support of Bond 2000. Following the closure of the district’s two smallest elementary schools, Mariaville and Woestina, kindergarten through fourth-graders began learning together in the same building during the 2011-12 school year while fifth-graders began attending the middle school. The school serves approximately 650 students.

Arrival and Dismissal

School begins at 8:45 a.m. each morning, and dismissal is at 3 p.m. On half-days, dismissal is at 11:30 a.m.