Jefferson Elementary School Newsletter

The January newsletter is available as a pdf here.

Principals’ Message

Welcome back Jefferson students, staff, and families! We hope you all had a relaxing and quiet winter break filled with some quality time with your family. While January typically brings forth a time where New Year’s Resolutions are made, new goals are set for the year, and opportunities to make changes are considered, we are just happy to be here at Jefferson learning and engaging with our students. These simple moments should be cherished, appreciated, and noted as we move forward into the second half of the school year.

We had a busy month of December and we want to reach out to say thank you to all who donated coats, hats, boots, and gloves for our students with the cold weather now upon us. We have new areas outside to enjoy outdoor recess so please remember to have your children bundled up and ready to go outside as often as possible. Being able to breathe in the fresh air and move around is important for everyone this time of the year. We also wanted to say thank you to all those who volunteered with our Giving Tree. We had numerous volunteers to help out with this event.

We still have a few school pictures for the remote students. The pictures are beautiful and you will want to have them to remember this school year. We will have them available for pick up in the K-1 office. Additionally, we have completed our fire drills and lockdown drills for the first half of the school year. Everyone did a nice job remembering the drills.

Also, we are pleased to announce the arrival of a new water fountain at JES. This is the type of fountain that will allow students to refill their water bottles. While we still have some bottled water on hand, please make sure your child comes to school each day with water that they can drink throughout the day.

Finally, we appreciate all your support, feedback, and flexibility during this time of year. While we have had to make some phone calls to families regarding remote learning, quarantines, and information surrounding COVID-19 cases, your patience and understanding have been wonderful. It is times like these that we know that the Jefferson community is united and willing to help each other out. We are looking forward to all of the hopes and aspirations that come with a New Year!


Joby Gifford and Rebecca Grabicki

2020-2021 Kindergarten Registration

In order to ensure you receive the paperwork necessary to pre-register your child, parents of eligible children are asked to contact Donna Notar at the District Office at 518-355-9200 ext. 4005.

Downloadable registration packets can be found on our school website.

School Closing Announcements

When school is closed, delayed or dismissed early due to weather conditions, the district will make an announcement through local television and radio stations as well as the district website and social media sites. The district also will send families text alerts through our emergency system.

When the start of school is delayed, students who walk or are transported by parents must also arrive at school later. This includes students in the Y Before School Program. Staff also arrives later and supervision is not available. Please do not drop off your child early when school is delayed.

When school is closed for emergency reasons, all night activities are also canceled. This includes the Y After School Program.

Notes from the Health Office

Brrr! Winter has arrived! Please be sure your child dresses appropriately for outdoor recess. Students will be going outside each day unless the temperature falls below 20 degrees. They need fresh air and exercise!

Snow pants and boots can keep your child warm even on days without snow. And don’t forget the hats and gloves or mittens! Also, labeling their items aids in returning anything left behind. Please be sure to do so.

Let’s work together to keep our students warm, dry, and healthy!

Giving Tree

Thank you to all who fulfilled a tag from our tree to help those in our Jefferson community this holiday season. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

From the P.E. Department

As a reminder for the winter months, if your child wears boots to school, remember to put sneakers in their backpacks on PE days. Thank you!

Jefferson’s Birthday Snack Program

Celebrating your child’s birthdays at school can be fun for them and stress-free for you. Leave the delivery up to us!  Read more here.

Art in January

We welcome another exciting month of art in January! Kindergarten students will be finishing up their self-portraits and begin creating a stick puppet based on the children’s book “Bunny Slopes” by Claudia Rueda. First grade students will be finishing up their imaginary friends based on the children’s book “The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginable Friend” written by Dan Santat. Second grade students will be hard at work learning about scale and space, skills they will use to draw their own King or Queen of Jefferson. Each student will design their character and incorporate a landscape to illustrate their kingdom. They will be using the book “The King of Too Many Things” by Laurel Snyder as inspiration. Third grade students will be finishing up their submissions for the 2021-2022 school agenda. Each class will then have an opportunity to vote on their favorite. The first place winner will be selected as the front cover, and second place winner will be selected as the back cover of the agenda. Fourth grade students will be completing a similar project in order to design the front and back cover of the 2020-2021 yearbook. When they are done with their drawings they will vote on them as a class to determine which one will be the front cover, and which one will be the back cover.

Music Department News

We had a very busy December in the music room. The younger kids met Randy the Reindeer puppet who “helped” us learn our December calendar song. The children learned a few holiday songs and had a fun time moving like toys when the music room transformed into “The Toy Shop at Midnight.” The older kids performed many holiday percussion and boomwhacker play alongs such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Let it Snow, the Trepak from the Nutcracker and Let it Snow, to name a few. Watch for videos of Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. DiCaprio’s classes playing a little Rudolph! We had our first ever virtual holiday sing along and it was a success! In January, the older kids will continue to work on music literacy, reading the music staff, and rhythmic notation. The younger students will be meeting some new puppet friends to help us learn our new songs. We always have Willowbee the puppy puppet around, he makes everybody smile!

January 2020 – News From the Library

It was a busy January with technology in the library. Every grade level had an opportunity to code using the ozobots. Second and fourth grade students did some additional coding with kodable and

Kindergarten students took a tour of the North Pole and Santa’s workshop with the virtual reality goggles.

The third group of fourth graders finished up using the 3-D pens.

All grades K-4 linked their public library account (even if they don’t have a public library card) with their school library account in SORA.

I have also made collections that are available in clever and at the top of the Jefferson technology page. Students can click on these and all of the picture books or all reader fiction will show up that is available for check out. Here is a link to the SMORE collection also available off of the technology page:

For access to information on how to use databases from home. Click on the house off of the Jefferson Technology page or use this link:

Questions or problems – contact Mary Shands at