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Schalmont Central School District
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Nicole Martyn, Assistant Principal
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HS Student Handbook

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Daily Schedule

Classes begin at 7:40 A.M. A warning bell will ring at 7:38 A.M. at which time students must be on their way to their first period class.

Classes meet daily except for physical education classes, science laboratories, study halls, AIS classes, and Regents Prep which follow a four day rotation (A, B, C, D).

Upon completion of the school day at 2:15P.M., all students are expected to leave the building unless they are remaining for after-school help from a teacher.
Students are not permitted in the building after regular hours without scheduled and approved supervision.


7:38 Warning Bell

7:40 - 8:30 Period 1

8:34 - 9:15 Period 2

9:19 - 10:00 Period 3

10:04 - 10:45 Period 4

10:45 – 11:15 Period 5 Lunch

10:49 - 11:30 Period 5

11:20 – 12:01 Period 6 class (for students who have period 5 lunch)

11:30 - 12:01 Period 6 Lunch

11:34 - 12:15 Period 6 class (for students who have period 7 lunch)

12:05 - 12:46 Period 7 class

12:15 - 12:46 Period 7 Lunch

12:50 - 1:31 Period 8

1:35 - 2:15 Period 9

2:30 - 3:30 After school activities and extra help (Monday, Tuesday and

3:30 Late buses leave - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Students must present
an official late bus pass signed by a teacher to be given to the bus driver.

Passing between Classes

Four minutes are provided for students to pass from room to room. This provides enough time for students to pass without running. Students are expected to cooperate with teachers and hall monitors who are supervising traffic in the corridors.

All passing is done within the corridor of the school with the exception that students are allowed to use the sidewalk under the canopy in front of the school. There should be no horseplay, pushing, shoving or yelling in the corridors at any
time. Students should be extremely careful when opening lockers while people are passing. Students are not to sit on the floor before school, during periods, or between periods. Loitering on landings and stairs is a safety hazard and is not
permitted at any time.

Morning Announcements

 From 8:25 to 8:30 the morning announcements are read and the Pledge of Allegiance is said.

  •  All students are to remain seated, quietly, during the morning announcements.
  •  Students are not to be released to go to lockers, lavatories, or the telephone during this time.
  •  Announcements must be submitted to the main office on the day before they are to be made.
  •  Flag Salute Procedure –All students are to show proper respect for the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance each morning
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In order to provide a deliberate plan to insure the provision of Education Law 3205 regarding compulsory attendance in New York State schools, the Schalmont High School administration shares these common beliefs.

1. Regular class attendance is one of the most important aspects of a student’s education program.

2. The educational process requires a continuity of instruction and active classroom participation.

3. The interaction between students and teachers in the classroom is an integral component of learning.

4. There is strong correlation between consistent class attendance, parental involvement and academic success.

These beliefs support the need for daily attendance and are the basis for the compulsory attendance policy.

It is the policy of the Schalmont Board of Education to provide full-time academic instruction to all eligible students and to establish firmly defined parameters of attendance for students in grades 9 through 12 in the following manner:

Class Attendance:

Students will attend all assigned classes, including BOCES during both the regular and/or extended school day for the entire time the classes are in session. A student will be considered in attendance if that student is:

 (a) physically present in the classroom and/or working under the direction of the classroom teacher,

(b) working pursuant to an approved independent study program,

(c) receiving homebound instruction, or

(d) in one class and a required curricular activity (including testing), and is physically present in the class or activity which the building principal has determined to be the assigned class or activity for that class period.

1. Absences from the regular or extended school day or BOCES classes may constitute insubordination and may be the subject of discipline in accordance with the school district policy and pursuant to Section 3214 of the Education Law.

2. Students who are legally absent shall be permitted to make up written assignments, quizzes, examinations and other course work missed due to absence. Such opportunity shall not extend to the lecture or other oral instruction provided by the teacher. Opportunities to make up the work shall not alter the attendance record.

3. Credit for any given course is contingent upon (a) meeting the attendance requirements, and (b) obtaining a passing grade.

4. Students who are absent for 20 consecutive school days may be dropped from enrollment after compliance with the procedures set forth in section 3202 (1-a) of the Education Law.

Legal Absences

The school is allowed to consider the following as legal reasons for absence:

  • Sickness
  • Sickness or death-in-family
  • Approved college visit
  • Impassable roads or weather
  • Religious observance
  • Quarantine
  • Military obligations
  • Requirement to be in court
  • Approved cooperative work programs
  • Attendance at health clinics
  • Medical and dental appointments with a note from the doctor’s office
  • Driving tests
  • School music lessons
  • Education trips

*All other reasons are considered to be illegal. Regardless of whether absences are legal or illegal, all absences apply to the Board of Education Policy on attendance.

Students who are absent from school may not attend after school activities on the day they are absent unless approved by the building principal. If the absence occurs on a Friday, the student may not attend school sponsored activities on that weekend, unless approved by the building principal.

Illegal Absences

TRUANCY - a student absent from school without knowledge of the parent/guardian.

UNLAWFUL DETENTION - a student absent from school for a non-legal reason with the knowledge of the parent or guardian. (This includes vacations, baby sitting, missing the bus, overslept, etc.)

Students who are illegally absent will not be allowed to attend or participate in after school activities. Students who are illegally absent or who cut a class are subject to a “zero” grade in class work due to be handed in or performed in class that day. If the illegal absence is on a Friday, the student may not attend school sponsored activities on that weekend.

Attendance Procedures:

When a student has been absent or late to school, the parent must provide a written note explaining the reason the day following the absence or lateness. The note is turned in to the main office on the day of the return. The parent may also call the Main Office in lieu of a note. Parents are encouraged to contact the school by phone (355-6110) if they know the student will be absent.

Vo-Tech Students: Students going to BOCES Shift I must sign in on the Vo-Tech bus at 7:35 A.M. before leaving the high school.

Daily Attendance:

The coding of the attendance registers is to be completed by the designated attendance secretary. Teachers will take attendance period by period via the computer. Band Students: Students attending music lessons, should report to
their scheduled class for attendance and then go to their lesson.

A home contact will be made during the day of the absence by the attendance clerk. The building principal or designee shall investigate reasons for student absences and make parental contacts where appropriate.

Late to School: Students who are late to school (after 7:40 a.m.) must sign in at the Main Office and receive an Admit Slip.

  •  Students late to school 3 to 5 times in a month will be assigned lunch detention on the 3rd, 4th and 5th late.
  •  Students who drive to school after the 5th late in a month will lose their driving privileges for 5 days. If they are late again in the same month, it will mean an additional 5 days of no driving.
  •  Students late 6 to 9 times in a month will be assigned an after school detention. Students may be referred to Diagnostic Study Team for intervention strategies.
  •  Students late 10 or more times in one month will be assigned to ISS. Students will be referred to Diagnostic Study Team for intervention strategies.

*Students who arrive late to school cannot participate in after school activities on that day.

Students who arrive late to school due to a doctor or dentist appointment are required to provide a note from the doctor or dentist’s office. (A note written by a parent is not acceptable.)

The student will be recognized as legally late and will be able to participate in after school activities for that day.

Home Tutoring

For any student who is legally absent for a prolonged period of time, (ten consecutive school days or chronically absent), home tutoring can be arranged through the guidance counselor. Parents must communicate this need to their
child’s guidance counselor. A physician’s note is required to receive home tutoring.

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All fundraising activities must be approved by the principal and the Student Council. Forms to submit requests for fund raising activities may be obtained in the Main Office.

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School Closed - Weather

In the event of school closing, announcements will be on WGY and TV stations WRGB, WNYT and WTEN. Closings and delays are also posted on our website at and notifications are available by signing up for the SNN (school news notifier) on the school website.

PLEASE, DO NOT CALL the Principal or Assistant Principal for this information.

When schools are closed or dismissed early due to weather or emergencies ALL after school and evening activities are also cancelled.

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After School Extra Help

Teachers are available after the regular school hours to offer extra help on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students should feel free to request help, with appropriate advance notice whenever the need arises. Teachers have the right to request that students stay between 2:30 and 3:30 P.M. for extra help when necessary. Students are expected to stay with the requesting teacher providing buses are available. Students must remain with a teacher for the entire time after school. In order to take the bus, the student must have a late bus pass from the teacher.

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Evening Activities

Students attending an evening activity such as a dance, concert, play, etc., must adhere to all school policies pertaining to conduct and discipline. Once a student decides to leave the activity, he/she will not be allowed to return to the building.

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Lost and Found

All missing or lost items should be reported to the secretary in the main office as soon as possible. A description of the item and the circumstances under which the loss occurred will be recorded. The names of students or staff who may have
knowledge of the loss should also be reported.

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Dress and Appearance

Dress guidelines are based on the premise that student attire should be appropriate for the business of the school.

1. Any style of appearance that presents a realistic, potential health or safety threat to others or that is disruptive to the learning process is not allowed.

2. Apparel with a depiction of illegal violence against a human or animal, indecent exposure, or lewd acts is not allowed.

3. Apparel with words that are libelous, encourage readers to break a law, promote violence, contain tobacco or alcohol advertisements, are vulgar, are sexually oriented or advocate prejudice is not allowed, including bandannas and gang affiliated clothing.

4. Any tattoo that violates the above two conditions must be covered while the student is on school grounds.

5. Apparel that is determined revealing or inappropriate, including those that expose one’s midriff or otherwise potentially expose private parts of the body (such as tube tops, crop tops, half shirts, net tops, short shorts, short skirts or dresses, rompers, see through garments, bathing suits, under-garments, pajamas, sleep or lounge wear or articles of a similar nature, certain athletic clothing, no spaghetti straps, no halter tops, no plunging necklines (front and/or back), muscle tank tops, etc.) is not allowed.

6. Students must wear clothing that fully covers all undergarments.

7. No bare feet.

8. Hats, bandanas and coats are not to be worn in the classroom.

*Students not complying with the dress code will be asked to make clothing alterations in school or their parents will be notified so that arrangements can be made to correct the situation. Disciplinary action may be taken.

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Internet Rules

Students are responsible for good behavior on school computer networks just as they are in a classroom or a school hallway. Communications on the network are often public in nature. General school rules for behavior and communications

Individual users of the district computer networks are responsible for their behavior and communications over those networks. It is presumed that users will comply with district standards; the district is not responsible for restricting, monitoring, or controlling the communications of individuals utilizing the network.

The network is provided for students to conduct research. Access to network services is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Students and their parents will be required to sign an Acceptable User
Agreement each year before being allowed to use the school computers. Access is a privilege - not a right.

Access entails responsibility.

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Study Hall Rules

Freshman Study Hall – Study hall should be quiet and students doing academic work. If your study hall is during periods when breakfast is served students may attend for 10 minutes with a pass from the study hall teacher. A student must have a pre-signed pass from one of their teachers in order to go to the library. If students are not doing academic work in the library, the librarian will send the students back to study hall.

Sophomore and Junior Study Hall – Study hall should be quiet and students doing academic work. If your study hall is during periods when breakfast is served students may attend for 10 minutes with a pass from the study hall teacher. A student must have a pre-signed pass from one of their teachers in order to go to the library. If students are not doing academic work in the library, the librarian will send the students back to study hall. At the end of each quarter,
students who are on the High Honor Roll may sign out from their study hall to go to the cafeteria or café. Students will lose this privilege at any five week mark thereafter if they are failing one or more classes or they are no longer on the High Honor Roll.

Senior Study Hall – Study hall will be in the cafeteria or café. Students must check in with their study hall teacher before going to the café. All seniors will begin with privileges for both areas. A student must have a pre-signed pass from one of their teachers in order to go to the library. If students are not doing academic work in the library, the librarian will send the students back to study hall. However, if a student is failing one or more classes at the five week mark, they will be pulled from senior study hall and assigned to a 10th -11th study
hall. Students can regain cafeteria and café privileges at the following five week mark if they are passing all academic classes.

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Senior Early Dismissal and Late Arrival

Early dismissal and late arrival are an option only in the senior year. Criteria for this is as follows:

1. A senior may apply for early dismissal if he/she

A. is in good academic standing, and

B. has parent approval.

2. Seniors must have transportation arrangements in advance of application consideration, and must arrive on time or leave school promptly at the time of dismissal. Failure to leave promptly will result in removal of the Early Dismissal privilege.

3. Seniors must adhere to all school rules and regulations outlined in the Student Discipline Code including good attendance and promptness to classes, etc.

4. Seniors leaving early are not to return to school before dismissal.

5. The high school administration may suspend or cancel early dismissal or late arrival privileges for disciplinary reasons. The student will be assigned to study halls.

6. Schedules will not be adjusted to accommodate an early dismissal.

7. Seniors who do not meet the above-mentioned conditions at all times may lose early dismissal or late arrival privileges.

Application Process for Late Arrival and Early Dismissal

1. Senior must complete the necessary forms outlining the rules for late arrival or early dismissal. Parents must sign this form giving permission.

2. The Assistant Principal will review the forms before a final approval is given.
2. Senior meets with their guidance counselor to have schedule adjusted to reflect late arrival and/or early dismissal status.

Application Process for Early Dismissal

1. The senior must present a parental permission letter to his/her guidance counselor.

2. The senior and his/her parent must sign a written agreement on the conditions of early dismissal.

3. The Assistant Principal will review the material in steps 1 and 2 before a final approval is given.

4. Seniors approved for early dismissal will be given a special verification pass signed by the Guidance Counselor, indicating the student’s name and time of
dismissal. Failure to carry this card for presentation to staff upon request may result in removal of Early Dismissal privilege.

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Student Vehicles and Parking

Student motor vehicle parking on campus is a privilege granted through a permit system to students in 11th and 12th grade only. Students park on campus at their own risk. The following rules will apply to those students who drive and park vehicles on school property.

1. Applications for parking permits may be obtained through the Main Office. All vehicles must be registered in the Main Office prior to the first day they are driven onto school property.

2. All applications must be signed by the School Resource Officer.

3. The parking sticker issued must be applied to the back of the rear view mirror, so that it may be seen through the windshield.

4. Non-registered vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense.

5. Student parking is located on the side of the building, in the numbered spots. Students are not allowed to park in the lot near the new gym.

6. All traffic signs and regulations are to be followed.

7. All students must drive safely and prudently.

8. The speed limit on school property is 15 miles per hour.

9. Loaded buses have the right of way.

10. Students are allowed in parking lot only when arriving or leaving school.

11. It is Board policy that all vehicles, which are towed away at the request of school administration, will be towed at the owner’s expense.

12. Vehicles may be subject to search if there exists reasonable grounds to suspect that drugs, alcohol, weapons, stolen property, or other contraband might be present.

13. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for the behavior and conduct of all passengers in the vehicle.

14. Chronic lateness, use of vehicle during unapproved times and other school rule infractions will result in loss of parking privilege for between ten (10) weeks and remainder of the school year.

15. If a student needs to get something from their vehicle, the student must get permission from an administrator and be escorted by a school employee to the parking lot.

Driving To Vo-Tech

Only students in 12th grade are eligible to receive permission to drive to Vo-Tech. The appropriate permission slip from Vo-Tech must be completed, signed by the Associate Principal and on file with the Attendance Clerk. Students are NOT allowed to drive any other students in their vehicle to or from Vo-Tech. If this rule is violated the driver may lose their driving privileges.

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Hall Lockers: All students are issued lockers. Only school combination locks are allowed. Individual combination locks are available in the Main Office. A deposit of $5 is required. Trouble with the hall lockers should be reported to the main office. Each student is responsible for the condition of the locker and will be assessed a fine for damages incurred.

Gym Lockers: Students will be issued a gym locker the first day they have physical education. These lockers have built in combination locks. For security purposes students’ combinations and lockers are not to be shared with other students.

*All lockers belong to the school and school authorities have the right to search all school lockers when sufficient cause is present.

Care of Personal Belongings: Students should take special care in protecting their personal belongings and valuables. Money or other valuables should never be left in a desk, locker or unattended.

*The school district does not assume responsibility for a student’s personal items nor items borrowed by a student from the school. The responsibility lies totally with the student.

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Students wishing to display posters any place in the building must have the permission of the Assistant Principal, indicated by his/her initials in the lower right corner. Posters are restricted to bulletin boards and the cafeteria.

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Fire Evacuation

Our school is required by law to have eight fire drills during the school year. The following rules are to be followed when the fire alarm sounds

1. Everyone will leave the building quickly and quietly, following the teacher’s directions. Students found in the building will be subject to disciplinary action.

2. Once outside, students should move well away from the building, keeping the driveways clear for use by fire apparatus and report to the teacher for an attendance check.

3. Everyone should remain quiet and attentive, being alert to further instructions.

4. Students must not return to the building until the building administrator has given the proper instructions.   

5. If a fire drill occurs during one of the lunch periods, students are to exit the cafeteria via the posted exits within the cafeteria. Evacuation Procedures: Following the fire bell evacuation, should it then become necessary to stay out of the school, students will be directed to a safe location. Once inside, students will report to designated areas according to classroom numbers. Students will then be expected to remain with their teacher who will take attendance. Under no circumstances may students leave the campus during a building evacuation.

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Visitors must show a drivers’ license for identification, sign in at the front desk and receive a visitor’s pass. As a general rule, visitors are not permitted to visit the school as guests or friends of students. Students from other schools and young children will not be received as guests and are not permitted on school
property. Alumni are not allowed to visit during the school day.

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