Fall Sports Update from Colonial Council

A meeting of the Colonial Council Athletic League consisting of superintendents, principals, and athletic directors was held virtually this morning to assess the risk factors associated with “moderate risk fall sports.”  We, as a league, believe it is essential to err universally, on the side of caution, as we navigate the COVID pandemic situation. Recognizing that we have recently returned to school and are still assessing the impact of the coronavirus, the Colonial Council Athletic League has elected to move cross country (boys and girls), soccer (boys and girls), and girls’ swimming and diving to Fall 2  with a March 1st start date.  The low risk sports of golf and girls tennis will begin on September 21st.

This late announcement is due in part to ensuring all aspects of athletics and student athletes’ safety was assessed, with input from as many school district representatives as possible before coming to a final decision.  In addition to safety factors, the availability of transportation, schools’ practice and playing fields were also taken into consideration.  We are all in agreement that extracurricular activities are an essential part of a student’s junior and senior high school experience, however, safety and the ability to adhere to CDC, DOH and SED guidelines is paramount.  As we progress into the winter and spring, a greater sense of normalcy will hopefully resume, which in turn will allow us to create a more traditional practice and contest schedule.  School districts in the Colonial Council will continue to update their websites and communicate with their stakeholders as more information is available.