Daily Breakfast Options

Breakfast is offered at each school daily.


Please note, all students are now eligible for free school meals due to the USDA extending its free summer meals program. This includes breakfast and lunch, either at school or remote students. Read more here.

  • Jefferson & Schalmont Middle School: $1.75
  • Schalmont High: $2.50


A reimbursable breakfast must include at least three different food items from different categories, as well as fruit and/or juice, but no more than four total food items.

One Grain Food Item

  • Cereal bowl with graham cracker pack
  • Cereal bar
  • Toast
  • 4 oz. yogurt
  • 100% all fruit smoothies

Two Grain Food Items

  • Bagel
  • Mini waffles
  • Mini pancakes
  • Cinnamon roll
  • Egg sandwich on a whole grain english muffin with egg and cheese or sausage and cheese
  • Muffin

Three Combined Food Item

  • Yogurt parfait

Offered Daily

  • Fat-free chocolate, fat-free white, fat-free strawberry and 1% milk
  • 100% apple, orange and grape juices