Facilities Use

A facility use form and fee schedule is available here.

Permitted Use of School Facilities

Schalmont allows the use of school facilities for the following:

  • For educational instruction;
  • For public libraries or branch stations thereof;
  • For activities or entertainment adding to the welfare of the community as long as they shall be open to the general public;
  • For programs with paid admissions, as long as the proceeds are applied to education or charity. No programs may be held, however, which are under the exclusive control of a religious sect, denomination or organization or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive society other than veterans of the military service of the United States or volunteer firemen;
  • For polling places but not political meetings;
  • For civic forums and community centers upon petition of at least 25 citizens residing within the District;
  • School grounds will be available for recreational use by the community subject only to the control necessary for the safety of individuals. However, the use of such facilities and grounds for activities which may be dangerous, disturbing or destructive is prohibited, including the use of roller skates, roller blades or skate boards;
  • For classes of instruction for students with disabilities under the auspices of private organizations;
  • For recreation, physical training and athletics, including athletic contests or private not-for-profit schools;
  • For child care services during non-school hours which are not provided at the expense of the school district.

Activity calendars will be kept by each building principal so that he/she may allow the use of facility in accordance with the above policy. Non-school organizations wishing to use the facility will file a written request with the building principal. The written request must be accompanied by a certificate of insurance. If the facility is used by outside groups or under unusual circumstances, a rental fee may be made to cover identifiable costs. The building principal may require the provision of police services for which an additional charge will be made.

This policy will have flexibility and special cases not covered will be referred to the Superintendent of Schools.

Use of School Facilities for Private Purposes

The Board of Education recognizes and accepts its responsibilities in connection with custody, control, and supervision of schoolhouses, grounds, and all property belonging to the District as provided in Section 414 of the Education Law.

In view of this responsibility the Board of Education categorically prohibits the use of any real or personal property belonging to the District, when such use is for private purposes and not in the public interest. On the other hand, The Board of Education reserves the right to waive this prohibition when such intended use is not prejudicial to the public good.

When intended, private use of District-owned property cannot be anticipated sufficiently in advance to permit Board of Education Action upon the request, and in emergencies, the Superintendent of Schools may waive the above policy, at his/her discretion.

General Rules for Facilities Use

  • The District requires that a member of its staff be on the premises whenever a facility is in use. Additional specialized staff may be required if school equipment is used.
  • District authorities must have access to all rooms at all times.
  • Use of tobacco, possession or use of intoxicating liquor or illegal drugs and/or fighting will not be allowed on the School District premises or within any facility used.
  • Organizations/permit holders must comply with all applicable State and Federal laws, town ordinances, School District regulations, by-laws and policies, and permit conditions.
  • No alterations are to be made to any school property or equipment.
  • Any damages incurred during use of the facility shall be paid by the user.
  • No outside activities will be scheduled after 10:00 p.m. unless special permission is granted by the Superintendent or his/her designee.
  • The Superintendent or his/her representative may revoke a Use Permit for violation of the regulations set forth in this document.

Group Contact Person

Each group using school facilities must designate one person who will serve as the contact for communication from and to district staff. The group contact person will also assume responsibility for:

  • Scheduling of activities
  • Communication with group members and the school district
  • The conduct of the group members
  • The proper use of school property
  • The payment of any fees due
  • Enforcing district regulations as described in the Use of Facilities Handbook
  • Obtaining building closure information via the media
  • Being aware of emergency weather conditions which may cancel a program (i.e. heavy rainstorm for outdoor practices, etc.)

Use of School Equipment

Use Permits include use of normal furniture and large equipment that is usually assigned to that particular area of the building. No school property or equipment is to be altered or removed from the premises. The permit holder will be expected to furnish his or her own expendable supplies (e.g. basketballs, ping pong balls, dishes, napkins, paper, etc.).


All measures necessary to ensure the safety, health and lawful conduct of permit activities, including but not limited to crowd control, measures and fire and police protection, shall be undertaken and financed by the permit holder. Any other permits required from police, fire, health, or other governmental agencies must be obtained and copies presented to the Superintendent of his/her designee prior to the issuance of any Use Permit.

Assumption of Risk

User groups will be required to sign a release form stating that they assume full financial responsibility for any and all damages done to Schalmont School District, and that they indemnify and hold harmless the school district and its officers, agents, trustees and directors against any injury, damage or expense of any kind, to any person or property arising from, related to, or in any way connected with the use of the facilities.

Abuse of Property

In the event of misuse of facilities, misconduct of individuals or groups, or other abuse of the privileges extended, the Group Contact Person shall make a report on the incident to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee. The District may take action considered appropriate, including but not limited to, suspension of permit to use facilities, requiring replacement of Group Contact Person, requiring reimbursement for damages or extra expenses incurred and denial of future requests for use of school property.

A cash bond in the amount of $5,000 shall be required from sponsors who have previously sponsored activities that result in damage or when damage has previously occurred in connection with the type of activity for which a permit is sought. A security deposit may be requested for special events to be used in the event of any damage to the facility. The security deposit will be returned after the event concludes and all other fees are paid.

Insurance Requirements

All permit holders are required to provide a certificate of general liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 naming Schalmont Central School District as an additional insured. This certificate must be on file in the District Office at least three days before the date(s) requested.

Special Event Fees

Certain events require an increase in costs to the district. If there will be a large population attending an event, the event has many activities in different locations, requires a significant amount of equipment, requires a significant amount of set up and clean up, requires custodial staff to work overtime and/or requires a significant amount of district coordination, the user may be assessed at the special event fee in replacement of the regular charge for using the facilities.

Cancellations and School Closings

  • Groups who need to cancel their activity must call the building principal’s office 24 hours in advance for weekday activities, and by the Thursday prior for weekend activities. If a group’s activity needs to be canceled as a result of a school activity, the group will be notified as soon as possible.
  • In the event of the cancellation of all after school activities due to inclement weather, all permit activities will be canceled also.
  • The District may cancel use of fields due to inclement weather or field conditions even if indoor activities are not canceled.
  • Canceling of after school and evening events will not be automatic when school is closed for the day. A decision regarding after school and evening activities will be made by 2:00 p.m. and announced via local radio and TV stations and the district’s telephone message system.
  • If it appears weather conditions may threaten Saturday and Sunday activities, every attempt will be made to evaluate and communicate with the group contact person by 5:00 p.m. on Friday.

Event Profit

  • All admissions received by any organization for activities using school facilities must be dedicated to educational and/or charitable purposes. Admission fees are monies collected at the event to gain entrance to the premises; they are not the same as a fee or dues paid by an individual to belong to or participate with an organization.
  • Admission fee profits for Group I and II must be dedicated to educational and/or charitable purposes within the geographical limitation of the district (exceptions: volunteer fire companies and veteran’s organizations). GROUP III organizations may dedicate their profits to educational and charitable purposes both inside and outside the district.
    Assignment of User Classes Permit holders shall be assigned a class designation by the superintendent or his/her designee. Guidelines to determine Class status are as follows:

    • Group I: All official community groups and organizations directly affiliated with the school: PTO, Friends of Music, Athletic Association, Board of Education, etc.
    • Group II: Public functions or groups sponsored by religious, cultural, non-profit and charitable organizations that have headquarters and principal membership (at least 75%) within the boundaries of the District. These organizations may include adult members: CYO, Basketball, Rotterdam Little League, etc.
    • Group III: Non-resident status: Groups not primarily located within the Schalmont Central School District.

Assignment of Priority Use of Facilities

Youth activities will be given consideration for earlier, rather than later evening hours.