Preschool Resources

The following resources are being provided to help your preschooler discover the joy of learning. Scroll down to find information about Jefferson Elementary School’s preschool story hours and 1,000 Book Club, the free Parent Today e-newsletter and blog and the district’s census card. 

Preschool Story Hours

To start the love of reading at a young age, the district offers fall and spring preschool story hours open to the public.  Contact Mary Silvestri at for more information or to reserve a spot.
Please note that all visitors to Schalmont’s schools must present their driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card upon arrival. 

1,000 Book Club

The 1,000 Book Club Program encourages parents to read to their children because studies suggest that children who are exposed to 1,000 pieces of good literature between the ages of 3 and 6 will do better academically in school. The program collection is housed at Jefferson Elementary School, but it is open to all district residents. 

Seeds of Learning Summer Calendar

The Schalmont Central School District provides families with pre-school age children a summer calendar that is packed with suggestions for fun ways you and your child can work—and play—together during the summer months.

Activities are designed to help improve your child’s dexterity and strength, speaking and reading skills, thinking, reasoning, emotional awareness and ability to get along with others. Also included are recommended books, music and other materials you can use to enrich and expand your child’s learning, and a number of tips to help your child become “ready to learn.”

It is designed specifically for the parents of children under the age of 5. It will be mailed to parents of young children who are identified through the district’s census. If you have not completed a census card, please contact Debbie Falcone at 355-6255, ext. 2085, or download one below. 

District Census: Make Sure We Know About Your Child!

Schalmont Central School District conducts a district census to accurately predict student enrollment for the coming years and to help the district maintain communications with residents. It is very important for us to have an accurate accounting of all residents, including homeowners and renters, with or without school-age children.

If you have not received a census card, please contact Debbie Falcone at 355-6255, x2085.

You can also download a census card here [PDF].

Completed cards can be dropped off at the main office of any district school or mailed to: Schalmont Central School District, 4 Sabre Drive, Schenectady, NY 12306.

Parent Today

Schalmont parents can sign up for Parent Today, a free bimonthly opt-in e-newsletter that provides tools and information to help parents to be even more engaged in their children’s education.

It helps parents navigate four “chapters” of children’s lives: early learners, elementary school, middle years and high school.

The e-newsletter will be delivered to subscribers’ inboxes twice a month. It features easy-to-read, blog-style posts talking about what matters most for families. It addresses important, age-appropriate topics and gives accessible, easy to implement strategies. It also provides information to help families understand the dramatic changes taking place in school curriculum and public education.

Subscribers may also access the Parent Today blog for ongoing information and support in dealing with the challenges of raising an educated child. You can also like Parent Today on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Parent Today is provided free of charge to families in the Schalmont Central School District. Subscribers must have Internet access and an e-mail address to receive Parent Today.

To sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the sign up form (in the upper left corner of the homepage)
  3. Select Schalmont from the drop-down menu
  4. Click “Sign Up”