The Schalmont High School Drama Club is an activity that looks to provide theatrical exposure and experiences to students from all walks of life.

The primary purpose of this club is to produce at least two full-length theatrical productions during each school year. These productions teach students to perform the acting parts, design and build the sets for the productions, provide technical support before and during the show, design and gather costuming, produce publicity and sell tickets to the general public.

The Schalmont High School theatre productions have a great reputation for the quality of the production and the skill of the performers. Many of the Schalmont students involved in the Drama Club have gone on to successfully perform in college and community productions.

2018-19 Productions

  • November 8-10: Noises Off
  • March 8-11: Footloose

What are the benefits of Drama Club?

Drama classes provide a safe space for individuals to transform their love, anger and inappropriate emotions into an impressive expression of creativity. Although drama class is typically used as a catalyst for an acting career, the benefits gained from consistent artistic practice reach far beyond landing a dream role.


Drama classes involve a large amount of public speaking. Students are required to participate in dramatic scenes or monologues in front of their classmates and teachers, presenting their work for praise and critique. Public performance enhances a student’s confidence and comfort in front of an audience. These traits can benefit individuals in business, educational and social environments.


Drama classes require students to embody various characters with histories, personalities and live choices vastly different from the student’s own. Yet in order to portray the character realistically, students have to find ways in which they can relate. This practice of putting themselves in someone else’s shoes enhances student’s ability to empathize with people in their personal lives, and with humanity at large.


Participating in drama class requires great reserves of imagination; students have to visualize different periods in history, settings and lifestyles in order to successfully immerse themselves in their roles. The consistent practice of using their imagination can translate into success at other art forms as well as creative problem solving skills.


Students in drama class often collaborate with each other in character sketches and scripted scenes; they also give one another tips and suggestions on how to perfect their craft. Cultivating the spirit of collaboration can have numerous benefits personally, socially and professionally.


Students in drama class are required to communicate the emotions and intellect of various characters; for most people, communicating the feelings of another during class will help them to communicate their own feelings outside of class. The freedom of self-expression that accompanies open communication can have therapeutic effects.

Emotional Release

Drama class provides students with a beneficial emotional release. Students are able to channel their negative emotions: rage, jealousy, anger, abandonment, confusion; into a positive and creative outlet.


It isn’t easy to get up in front of a room full of people and attempt emotional creative expression. Drama students must have the courage to risk embarrassment and failure. Through consistently challenging and surprising themselves, student’s develop a new positive outlook on their own strength and abilities.