3rd Graders Discuss Coping Skills

School Psychologist talks with students

Students in Ms. Butler’s 3rd grade class learned about coping skills this past week when School Psychologist Carolyn Cassels visited to share a fun lesson about positive ways to deal with their feelings.

Students first watched a short video featuring characters from the animated movie “Inside Out” with students identifying the different feelings each character represent.

The class then discussed healthy and unhealthy ways people respond to what they feel as students shared examples of how they have positively dealt with feeling angry, sad or lonely. Students also wrote down ways they could cope, including on small flags they used to decorate “copecakes”.

“Whenever you feel sad or scared or angry, think about the healthy coping skills we discussed to help you,” Ms. Cassels told students.

Ms. Cassels has worked with many classes this year to offer similar help, which she noted is particularly important given the stress the COVID-19 pandemic can create.