Schalmont freshmen interpret ‘Four Freedoms’

Schalmont freshmen, along with others from local high schools, were invited  by The Capital Area Art Supervisors in conjunction with the Norman Rockwell Museum to participate in the 4th annual Reimagining the Four Freedoms Student Exhibition.

This exhibit is based on President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s State of the Union “Four Freedoms” speech, and the subsequent four Norman Rockwell paintings that illustrate this theme.

 Students were asked to create an art work of their own which honors their fundamental freedom as an adolescent. After working in small groups to discuss Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms paintings, the students then selected any freedom that they wanted to focus on and decided how best they would illustrate their idea.

From the 68 artworks created by Schalmont students, 27 were chosen to be on display at the exhibition in Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge..

On April 14, the museum hosted a closing ceremony for all the students and their families. This was a great way for our students to both express what is important to them and gain recognition for their work.

Board member Kate Kruk, who attended with her family, said afterwards, “Our family was happy to be able to participate in the Four Freedoms student exhibit.  It was great for Schalmont, and other area schools, for their students to have the opportunity to experience an authentic gallery show.”