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Special Classes (Self-Contained)

Schalmont's self-contained special education program continuum consists of a variety of special classes. Special class means a class consisting of students with disabilities who have been grouped together because of similar individual needs for the purpose of being provided specially designed instruction as defined. These self-contained programs may be multi-aged and/or multi-graded. Special classes, or self-contained programs, are available to students with disabilities at Schalmont at elementary, middle, and high school levels on campus as well as out of the district when appropriate (i.e. BOCES placements or day treatment programs). District sponsored self-contained programs include the following:

Early Intervention Skills Class/Primary Skills Class (12:1:1)

This class is designed for young students with disabilities in the primary grades. This program provides intensive development of language skills, social skills, and other developmental skill areas in order to prepare the student to achieve academic and social success. A speech-language pathologist works intensively with students in these programs to support the development of important communication skills. Occupational therapy, physical therapy, and school social work are also available to students as needed. Students may be mainstreamed when recommended by the committee on special education. Classroom aides support students within the program, during special area classes (music, art, PE, or library) or otherwise in the mainstream when appropriate. The class is currently are housed at Jefferson Elementary School

Challenge Program (12:1:3)

The Challenge program provides special education instruction to students with disabilities grades in grades 2 through 5. Taught by a certified special education teacher, this program provides students with academic support through a modified curriculum in a smaller classroom setting. Academic programs are streamlined to meet each student's academic and behavioral needs. Students are mainstreamed into special area classes (art, music, PE, and library) with general education classes. Mainstreaming or auditing opportunities are also available to students as appropriate and when designated on the student's individual education program. The Challenge program is supported by three classroom aides as well as related services. It is currently housed at Jefferson Elementary School.

Functional Skills Program 12:1:1

Housed at Schalmont Middle School, this program is designed for middle school students with disabilities who benefit from a smaller classroom setting and continue to require intensive development of skills in order to succeed in core classes (English, science, social students, and math). Students are mainstreamed for special area classes with support when necessary. Functional life skills and social skill instruction are incorporated into this program. Related services are available as needed.

Skills Development I (12:1:1)

The Skills Development I (SD I) program is housed at the High School and is designed to meet the needs of students with significant learning issues. Students generally receive instruction in self-contained classes for English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Resource room support is provided on an as-needed basis. When appropriate, students are mainstreamed with adult support in elective classes. Students participate in a community work program at some point in their high school career. Some students in this program attend Vo-Tec in their Junior or Senior years to obtain vocational training. Social work, speech/language services, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are provided as appropriate.

Departmentalized Special Class Programs at the Secondary Level/
Skills Development II (15:1:1)

In the departmentalized secondary level program at the middle school and high school, students may take from 1-3 special education classes per day. These are designated as Special Class English, Special Class Math, and Special Class Social Studies. Students in this program may attend a period of resource room for additional support. Students are mainstreamed for Science class and electives with the assistance of adult support as needed. Supportive social work services are provided to all students on an as needed basis. Students in this program are working towards achieving a regents or local diploma.