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team parent & coach Responsibilities/information

Choose Team Parent(s) at Meet the Coaches Night:

Obtain parent contact information from all parents at meet the coaches night, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses. At the end of the night, please return the completed list to one of the SAA members present.

Concession Stand:

We strongly encourage all teams to have the concession stand in operation for all of your team’s home games. This adds to a nice atmosphere for your team and visiting teams.

The concession stands will be stocked and opened for all teams who arrange a parent worker schedule for their games. This is why you need the parent contact information. Many teams have hung a copy of their schedule with the working parent’s phone numbers in the concession stand which is very helpful. Please encourage all parents to participate. A member of the SAA will be there to assist in opening/closing the stand.

Each team is offered an opportunity during their season to use a concession stand for the purpose of fundraising. The date requested can not be a regularly scheduled game/event. This is generally a team hosted tournament or such. A “request for concession stand use� form will be available in the AD’s and HS office. Please fill this out and submit it to the SAA. A representative from the team is also requested to attend the SAA meeting prior to the date requested to inform the SAA of this request. An SAA member needs to agree to sponsor this day by opening/closing and ensuring that SAA guidelines are followed. The team parents are requested to help in relocating and replacing the SAA’s concession goods in the stand before and after the event.

Senior Night/Day:

All activities for this day/night should be coordinated with the Athletic Director. Some teams have the team parent in charge of this and others have parents of the team juniors do this.

The SAA will pay for the flowers for the seniors. We will allow up to $10 for each senior to be used for flowers, balloons or whatever you wish. The team parent will order them and pay for them and then submit a receipt to the SAA for reimbursement. Please contact the SAA for a tax exempt form prior to the ordering. Price Chopper does a great job with flowers and also gives a discount on balloons if you tell them it’s for a Schalmont school when the order is placed. 

Team Banquet:

Team parents generally coordinate with the coach to organize their team banquet. Most teams prefer a “Sport Program� banquet and invite all teams (modified, freshmen, JV and Varsity). Please contact the SAA for a tax exempt form to use at the banquet facility of your choice. ALL CHECKS need to be made out to the team coordinator of the event and then one check given to the SAA for the total amount. The SAA will then issue that person a check for the amount given to us and made payable to the banquet facility. Please check with the Athletic Director John Gallo, 355-6110, to let him know the date you have secured for you banquet to avoid any conflicts.

Team Acknowledgements:

The SAA feels that one of our most important roles is to recognize our student-athletes at Schalmont. The SAA awards special keychains to athletes/teams who have won a league season championship (Colonial Council or other), or individuals with accomplishments for their season. Some examples of individual awards we have given include - new school record and sectional place finals. The school board also acknowledges such teams/athletes and we try to do this in conjunction with them at a regularly scheduled school board meeting. Teams will be notified/invited by the District Office. It is VERY important that the coach and or the team parent make the SAA aware of such accomplishments. We are just a group of parents who all volunteer and although we try our best, we may not be aware of everything.

It is also strongly suggested that coaches and/or designated parent submit team results at the end of each season to the communications department at  Information you provide can be used in district publications and posted on the website. Digital pictures are also greatly appreciated. You can also contact the district's Communications Specialist directly at 518-355-9200 ext. 4006.