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Shalmont Central School District
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Schalmont High students raise more than $900 for hurricane relief

The Schalmont community pitched in for hurricane relief in the weeks leading up to Homecoming.

High schoolers did a Penny War challenge leading up to Homecoming week, and took collections at the at the Homecoming football game instead of charging admission.

Between those two efforts, the school was able to raise more than $900, donating $450 to the Houston Independent School District and $450 to the Houston ASPCA.

“This September when we began our school year, we understood that we were lucky to begin our classes and the routine of school. Watching the scenes in Texas after Hurricane Harvey gave us that newfound appreciation of our start of the school year knowing that so many other high school students would have such a different experience,” said Principal Imran Abbassi. “Also, since many of us here on staff are animal lovers, we were heartbroken watching how animals were also displaced from their homes and families.”

“While we understand that more funds will be needed for full recovery, we hope that both organizations appreciate the gesture on behalf of Schalmont High School and our community,” he said.