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Shalmont Central School District
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Voters approve Schalmont budget

May 17, 2016

Schalmont Central School District residents approved the proposed 2016-17 budget Tuesday, May 17 with 705 yes votes to 254 no votes, or by 73.4 percent.

"Thank you to everyone who came out to vote today," Schalmont Superintendent Carol Pallas said. "We deeply appreciate the continued support this community has for our school and the education of our children."

The $46,570,427 budget increases spending by $772,866 or 1.7 percent over the current year's budget. The tax levy will increase $187,427 or 0.68 percent, which was the district's maximum allowed under the state's tax levy limit law. A simple majority was required for budget approval.

Voters approved the bus purchase proposition with 674 yes votes and 283 no votes. The proposition will allow the district to purchase three new 66-passenger buses, one new 28-passenger bus and one new wheelchair-accessible bus at a cost not to exceed $470,000.

Voters also approved the land purchase proposition, which will allow an extension of Solar Roadway to be used as an emergency egress for the high school/middle school campus, with 612 yes votes and 339 no votes.

Residents also elected the following candidates to the Schalmont Board of Education for a term of three years to start July 1, 2016:

  • Robert Sheehan (646 votes)
  • John DiCocco (644 votes)
  • Jean C. Hanson (563 votes)

Candidate Amelia Hallam received 465 votes.