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1,000 book club

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The 1,000 Book Club encourages parents to read to their children because studies suggest that children who are exposed to 1,000 pieces of good literature between the ages of three and six will do better academically in school.

The program collection is housed at Jefferson Elementary School, but is open to all district residents. 

In order to participate, a child must be between the ages of three and six and a resident of Schalmont Central School District. A parent can register his/her child in the program by filling out a short form at Jefferson, Monday thru Friday. At that time, the parent can take home one of 100 numbered tote bags filled with 10 children's books. Upon returning the tote bag to Jefferson, the parent can pick up another one.

The timeline for completing the program is flexible, but the goal is for each participating child to have listened to all 1,000 stories by the start of first grade or sooner. When a child has completed the program, he or she will receive a painter's cap that reads, "I am a 1000 book child." Of greater importance, each child will have enjoyed 1,000 pieces of high-quality literature— the foundation for learning to read later in school.

The 1,000 Book Club is sponsored by Jefferson's PTO and a GE ELFUN Grant. While participating in the self-service program, parents are expected to:

  • Keep track of which tote bags they've borrowed by checking off the numbers (1-100) on their child's registration form.
  • Return the sign-out sheet to the book tote bag when it is returned.
  • Return a checked-out book bag within a three-week period.
  • Replace or pay for any lost or damaged books or bags.

To locate the program, enter Jefferson through the Ford Avenue entrance and check in with the school secretary. She will direct you to the 1,000 Book Club closet. Look for our big "STOP SIGN." The closet is located next to the K-2 Health Office.

Supporting the Program

In November 2002, the 1,000 Book Club was inaugurated in the Schalmont School District. The committee is looking for volunteers to do the paperwork, keep the program running smoothly and cover the Thursday evening hours. If you can help or if you have questions regarding the program, please contact Michelle Laribee at 355-3015.

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