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HS Student Handbook

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Student Conduct

Assembly Behavior

Assemblies are for students' education and enjoyment. Students should remain quiet out of consideration for other students in the audience and for the people performing. Students will stay with their class once
inside the auditorium. Cell phones and/or electronic devices of any kind must be turned off.

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Bus Behavior: The School Board established rules and regulations governing behavior for the personal safety of all riders. The bus driver is in charge of all his/her passengers and will maintain discipline on the bus at all times. The bus
driver will be accorded the same respect and courtesy shown any teacher. All student riders are to obey all directions from the bus driver. Bus drivers will not allow disorderly conduct or disruptions of any kind, which may endanger the safety of passengers. Bus drivers are allowed to assign students to certain seats on the bus.

All bus-riding pupils must observe the following safety precautions:

1. Approach awaiting bus without pushing, rushing, crowding, or fighting for seats.

2. Board the bus in an orderly manner and immediately take a seat.

3. Remain seated at all times when bus is moving.

4. Keep the aisle free from the clutter of books, packages, clothing and other objects.

5. Keep arms, hands, and other parts of the body inside the bus at all times.

6. Never throw objects of any kind from the bus while it is standing or moving.

7. Exemplary behavior will be the bus riders’ rule. Loudness, whistling out of the windows, stomping, fighting or any distracting behavior will not be tolerated.

8. When leaving the bus, step 5 to 10 feet in front of the stopped bus so as to be seen by the driver at all times; look to be sure that no traffic is moving from
either direction and; cross only after the bus driver signals you to cross.

Students who fail to observe safety measures or who show disrespect to bus drivers will be reported to the office. The parent will be notified and may be asked to come to school for a conference. Further disciplinary action may also be taken.

Extreme misconduct, which clearly and grossly jeopardizes the safety of passengers and driver, permits the Assistant Principal to take appropriate action to protect the safety of students. In such cases, the Assistant Principal may, on the first serious offense, deny the student transportation up to 5 days. Further
disciplinary action is subject to a Superintendent’s Hearing

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Lunch Detention

Students assigned to lunch detention, MUST report to the Lunch Detention Monitor in the cafeteria at the beginning of his/her lunch period. Attendance is mandatory regardless of whether the student plans to eat lunch or not. Students assigned to lunch detention are expected to maintain proper behavior and cooperate with the In-School Suspension proctor.

Failure to comply with any of the above regulations may result in further disciplinary action.

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Behavior at School Sponsored Events

Any student who appears to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol or who is disruptive during school-sponsored events, either at home or an away site, will be disciplined as follows:

1. The parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to remove the child from the activity.

2. If the student is in violation of the drug/alcohol policy the student will be suspended for 5 days and is subject to a superintendent’s hearing.

3. Students may be suspended from attending any school activities for a period of time or the remainder of the year.


Schalmont High School interprets hazing as any act whether physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, which subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass or intimidate the person, or which may in any fashion compromise the inherent dignity of the person. In addition, any requirements by a member which compels another member to participate in any activity which is against school policy or state/federal law will be defined as hazing.

All reports of hazing will be thoroughly investigated.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken on a case-by-case basis.

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Displays of Affection

Kissing, hugging, walking with arms about one another, and other such forms of behavior are not appropriate in school. They are in poor taste here, as in any public place. Incidents will be dealt with according to the code of discipline.

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School Dances

School dances will be conducted from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Most dances are open ONLY to Schalmont High School students. Middle School students are not permitted to attend High School dances, proms or balls. Students will conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner. Students who give the impression that they are under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance, or who are not properly dressed will be denied entrance to, or will be removed from the
dance. All discipline procedures will be enforced at school dances.

Students who are absent from school or late without an approved excuse, may not attend dances on the day they are absent or late to school. A student illegally absent on Friday may not attend a dance on Saturday. Students may be
excluded from school dances as a result of disciplinary action or excessive absences or tardies.

Students will not be admitted to a school dance after 8:00 P.M. unless prior permission from the administration has been given. Students may not leave until 9:30 P.M. unless the administration gets verbal confirmation fromparents/guardians.

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Student Attendance and Participation in Co-CurricularActivities/Athletics

The following guidelines will apply to students participating in interscholastic and co-curricular activities with respect to their eligibility and their attendance.

1. A student who has been suspended from school will be ineligible for participation in all school activities including practice sessions during the term of his her suspension. This includes In-School Suspension.

2. A student must be in attendance in all classes the day of a co-curricular event in order to participate or be a spectator. Exceptions to this are to be cleared in
advance through the principal. Students will not be able to practice if they are absent from school that day. In order to participate that day, students must be
present, on time, (7:40).

3. Should the event or practice session occur on a nonschool day, the full-day attendance rule will apply to the preceding school day, i.e., if a student is absent
on Friday, he/she cannot participate on Saturday unless it is a legal absence approved by the principal.

4. It will be the coach-advisor’s responsibility to check on items 1, 2 and 3 above and to take the appropriate action.

5. When an attendance problem arises resulting in disciplinary action, which is not a suspension from school, the Administrators will deal with the matter in
the manner, which they deem to be appropriate.

6. (A) All students involved in interscholastic and cocurricular activities are expected to be doing satisfactory work in all subjects. Course grades will
be reviewed every five (5) weeks.

7. (B) If a student is failing two (2) subjects in any five (5) week marking period, he/she has two (2) weeks to bring at least one of the grades up to passing. If this does not occur, the student will be suspended from the activity until the required improvement is made.

8. (C) If a student is failing more than two (2) subjects, he/she will be declared ineligible to participate in the activity for at least two weeks. At that time if he/she is failing one subject he/she will be eligible to participate

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Athletic Citizenship

A. An athlete suspended externally or internally from school for a violation of school rules may not participate in any activity while under suspension.

B. Any student absent from school legally (illness) or illegally (truant) may not participate or be a spectator in any activity that day.

C. A student illegally absent (truant) Friday may not participate in any weekend activity or be a spectator. A student legally absent on Friday may participate in
the weekend activity with a signed note from parents.

D. An athlete must be in school before 7:40 A.M. to be eligible to participate or be a spectator in any athletic event on that day, unless excused by school personnel.

E. Every athlete must be a good community and school citizen. Athletes who violate civil and/or criminal law, violate rules on buses transporting teams, or violate rules of good conduct at Schalmont or the host school will lose eligibility for the remainder of the sport season.

F. All athletes must ride to and from the game with the team. Only in unusual circumstances will this procedure be altered. This should be done with a written note or verbally from the parents to the coach and/or the Athletic Director.

G. Once a coach announces the final cut has been made, an athlete will be expected to continue on the team for the rest of the season. If an athlete “quits”
without permission from the coach, the athlete loses eligibility for the remainder of that season. An athlete can withdraw and change sports in a season following
proper withdrawal procedures. This decision will be made by the coaches involved and the Director of Athletics.

H. Any student in possession of unauthorized school uniforms or equipment will be suspended from athletics for one calendar year.

Athletic Eligibility

The following rules for eligibility shall govern participants in the Interscholastic Athletic and Cheerleading Program:

A. Each coach shall ascertain that each player meets the eligibility rules as adopted by the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A.

B. Each coach shall see that the team meets the eligibility requirements and game standards as enumerated by the N.Y.S.P.H.S.A.A.

Athletics –Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs

It is known that certain substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs, i.e., including performance enhancing drugs) have a significant impact on many aspects of one’s total health, andsubsequently, on one’s athletic abilities. Therefore, it is the
philosophy of the Schalmont Central School District to absolutely forbid the use or possession of these substances by athletic program participants.


A student shall not:

(1) be in possession of or use a beverage containing alcohol;

(2) be in possession of or use tobacco and/or tobacco substitutes, including
electronic cigarettes;

(3) be in possession of or use steroids;

(4) be in possession of or use a controlled substance (as defined by law and/or in the student handbook);

(5) be in possession of our use marijuana. Students are not to be in a setting where drugs, alcohol or use of tobacco are taking place and may be subject to
disciplinary action by the administration and/or coach.

Penalties and Recommendations:

**All penalties will be served immediately upon the discovery of a violation. Should the violation occur at the end of a season, the penalty will be enacted at the start of the next season in which the student is participating.

First Violation

The athlete will be suspended from participating in all athletic contests for two (2) weeks (14 days). The athlete must practice with the team during his loss of eligibility. The student will be suspended from participation in co-curricular activities for two (2) weeks (14 days).

If a violation occurs on or off school grounds and the student is suspended from school, team suspension (14 days) will not start until the athlete officially returns to school.

If a violation occurs during a holiday period or non-school day, the team suspension will go into effect immediately.

If the student, of his own volition, becomes a participant in a chemical dependency program, treatment program, and/or an education instruction program, whichever is deemed necessary, this will be at his/her own expense.

Second Violation

The athlete will be suspended from participating in all athletics for the remainder of the season or four (4) weeks (28 days) whichever is longer. The student will be suspended from participation in co-curricular activities for four (4) weeks.

Third Violation

The athlete will be suspended from participation in all athletics for the remainder of the school year.

Reporting of Violations

Violations of the Athletic Training Code may be reported to the High School Principal, Assistant Principal or Athletic Director and will be deemed to be authentic when reported by any or all of the following:

(1) Any Schalmont School District employee (i.e., school administrators, teachers, coaches, custodial staff, school bus drivers)

(2) Local or State Police

(3) A student’s own parent

(4) Reports by other parents will be investigated, but will not be considered to be authentic unless confirmed by at least one source listed above.

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