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2017-18 Course Guide

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The Schalmont High School Music Department offers students an opportunity for a well-rounded, useful music education. The department strives to develop musical excellence through a three-fold progression. The music program includes the teaching and development of technical music skills, the appreciation of all types of music literature, and individual performing experiences through participation in musical organizations. All students enrolled in music performance courses must adhere to the department attendance policy as stated in the Student Handbook. Performing groups can meet the Regents Action Plan requirements in the art of music.

Concert Band

Prerequisite – Previous Band Experience
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 9-12

This course will involve the study, preparation and performance of music in the band repertoire. Students will be required to spend additional outside school time in preparation for this course. All students will be required to take a weekly instruction period in school or with an approved private music instructor outside of school. Also, students will be required to adhere to the music policy given to each student at the beginning of each year. The course meets daily for one period.

Wind Ensemble

Prerequisite – By Audition Only Level H,R
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 10-12

Students will perform music more challenging than concert band. This will be a select ensemble numbering no more than 45 students. Requirements for credit are the same as Concert Band.

Marching Band

Prerequisite – Students in Band Proper must be enrolled in Concert Level H,R,S Band or Wind Ensemble
1 Year – 0 Credit
Grades 9-12

Marching Band consists of the following units: flags, the auxiliary unit, and the band proper. The auxiliary unit will be enrolled in this course by try-outs held the previous spring. An audition may be required of students in the Band Proper to meet the needs and limitations imposed by instrumentation. Outside preparation and intense weekly drills are required for this course. The course will meet weekly, in the evening, for a period of two and one-half hours, from September to the end of the year. Participation in all events, as outlined in the attendance policy, is expected.

Jazz Ensemble

Prerequisite – Be enrolled in Concert Band or Wind Ensemble and successfully complete a separate audition if necessary
1 Year – 0 Credit
Grades 9 – 12

This course will involve the study, preparation, and performance of jazz repertoire. The music to be studied will be taken from all periods of jazz, which will enable the student to become acquainted with different forms and sounds of jazz. Students will be required to prepare outside of school for the course, and must demonstrate continued progress in order to remain in the course. The course will meet weekly, after school hours, for one hour, from September to the end of the year.


Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 9-12

This course will engage students in the study, preparation, and performance of music in the choral repertoire. The objective of chorus is the development of strong singing skills, as well as the ability to become a good music reader and musician. Rehearsals consist of instruction in individual and group voice production, interpretation of all musical selections, and the study of pertinent music theory applications. Many different styles of music are studied and performed, culminating in three evening performances and several extracurricular concerts that are scheduled throughout the school year. Participation fosters interpersonal group skills, camaraderie, and the joy of singing with others.

Concert Choir

Prerequisite – By audition only
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 10-12

Students in Chorus may audition at the end of each school year for a position in this select choir. Students accepted must demonstrate exceptional musical abilities and knowledge, and possess a strong work ethic. Repertoire selected in this performing group is of a higher caliber than Chorus, and requires students who are willing to strive for a higher level of excellence. All students will be required to take a weekly vocal lesson in school or may study privately on a weekly basis with an approved private music instructor. Students participating in this group are eligible to apply for positions in exciting extracurricular choir opportunities, such as the Melodies of Christmas Choir, Area All-State Choir, and All-State Choir.

Music Theory (UHS - UAlbany) (3 College Credits)

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 10-12

This course is designed to help students master all of the essential aspects of music. Course content includes the study of the following: rhythm, pitch, key signatures, scales, intervals, chords, melody, and harmony. At the completion of this class, students will be able to “dissect” musical compositions as well as learn strategies that will assist them in writing their own music. Also included in this class is a brief overview of music history, beginning in the Middle Ages and proceeding through the 19th century. No previous musical background or talent is necessary for the completion of this class. This class is recommended for students who are interested in pursuing a career in music, anticipate taking music classes in college, or simply enjoy listening to or performing music.

History of Rock Music

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 9-12

This class will cover the history of rock music from the 1950s to the early 1970s. After a brief foundational study of the ‘20s, ‘30s and ‘40s, we will proceed into the explosive sound of rock music beginning with Elvis Presley and roackabilly. We’ll look at the British Invasion, as the Beatles, the Who, and the Rolling Stones invade America in the ‘60s… the bands that performed at Woodstock as the hippie movement stormed from coast to coast… and rock that pushed the boundaries, like the Jimi Hendrix Experience. This class is designed for students who are seriously interested in understanding music that has changed the world. There will be in-depth discussions of the bands that created it and the historical perspectives that will help make sense of it as it unfolds across the nation. This is a class for those who have a love of music and want to delve deeper into the intricacies of some of the greatest music ever written.

History of Rock Music II & III

Prerequisite – History of Rock Music I 1
Year – 1 Credit
Recommended Grades 10-12

This class is designed for students who have a love of music and want to delve deeper into the intricacies of some of the greatest music ever written. There will be in-depth discussions, historical perspectives and a live component that will allow students to discover the art of sound and light engineering. The class may even put on a live rock show!

History of Rock II will cover the history of rock music from the 1970s-1980s. Study begins with Woodstock then “break on through to the other side” with the Doors and Rolling Stones; hit one of rock’s most influential bands, Led Zeppelin; delve deeper into the origins of metal with Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Rainbow; head south for the sounds of the Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top; crank it up with Grand Funk and Aerosmith; dive into the mainstream sound of Boston and Foreigner; rock out with Van Halen; delve into Rush and Kansas, plus others.

History of Rock III will cover the history of rock music from the 1970s-1990s. Study begins with AC/DC; moves into progressive rock with Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Yes, and Pink Floyd; the glam rock of David Bowie, Alice Cooper, and Kiss; the British heavy metal of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Def Leppard; the theater rock of Queen; the Seattle sound of Nirvana, Soundgarden and more.

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Department Coordinators

  • English, 9-12:
    Kevin Curtin x3510
  • Math, 9-12:
    Natalie Casalinuovo x3504
  • Music, K-12"
    Mike Christy x3021
  • Science, 9-12:
    Becky Remis x3560
  • Social Studies:
    9-12 Adam Dolan x3521
  • Foreign Language 7-12:
    Fred Orlando x3529

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