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2017-18 Course Guide

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Prerequisite – None
½ Year – ½ Credit
Grades 10-12

This required course is designed to cover the critical areas of health. The topics covered include, but are not limited to: nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, relationships, non-communicable and communicable diseases, human sexuality, injury prevention, stress management, and mental health. The course focuses on the consequences of harmful behaviors that relate to young adults.

Health Electives

Human Sexuality

Prerequisite – Health
½ Year – ½ Credit
Grade 12

This course will focus on the following topics: character in relationships, dating and abstinence, violent relationships, reproductive health, STDs and HIV/AIDS, marriage and parenthood, pregnancy and childbirth, and birth control methods. The course emphasizes the use of refusal skills, making responsible decisions, and practicing abstinence as ways to reduce teen pregnancies and exposure to STDs.

Nutrition – Weight Management

Prerequisite – Health
½ Year – ½ Credit
Grade 12

This course will focus on the following topics: physical activity for life, nutrition and your health, and managing weight and body composition. It also focuses on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight in order to reduce the probability of developing heart disease, cancer, and adult-onset diabetes.

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Department Coordinators

  • English, 9-12:
    Kevin Curtin x3510
  • Math, 9-12:
    Natalie Casalinuovo x3504
  • Music, K-12"
    Mike Christy x3021
  • Science, 9-12:
    Becky Remis x3560
  • Social Studies:
    9-12 Adam Dolan x3521
  • Foreign Language 7-12:
    Fred Orlando x3529

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